El American

February 1, 2023

Finland has become one of the first countries to uncover evidence that state agencies around the world committed fraud in their Covid deaths reporting during the pandemic.

The blockbuster report sheds light on how public health agencies around the world overhyped ‘Covid-related deaths’ in order to drive mass hysteria.

According to Sirkka Goebeler, chief specialist at the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL), Covid-19 has not been the actual cause of death in up to 40 percent of fatalities attributed to the illness in Finland. As a result, they will not end up in Statistics Finland’s official data as coronavirus deaths.

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  1. Let me see we already knew that although they werenot admitting it. So, when will they start admitting that 99% of the remaining 60% were “Vaccine” related? Time for them all to surrender to their lies, everywhere.