by The Honourable A. Brian Peckford


February 1, 2023

On paper , yes.

In action , well, doesn’t look like it . Consider :

Has Pierre Poilievre and His Conservative Party introduced resolutions , bills however you wish to describe them :

Condemning the Covid Federal Lockdowns and mandates of the  past almost three years ?

Supported an independent , non government involved citizens’ inquiry examining the legal and scientific validity of the Government covid lockdowns and calling on the federal government to provide all information from the  federal government to the inquiry that is requested by the inquiry?

Condemned the Emergency Act as being a biased document favouring the Federal Government and protecting it from transparency and accountability?

Proposed amendments to the Emergency Act making it mandatory for the Parliament to appoint a Commissioner and determine the terms of reference of any future inquiry?

Proposed that the Federal  Government remove itself from any involvement with the World Economic Forum?

Proposed that no new, international trade agreement will be signed by Canada that in any way diminishes our sovereignty as a nation ?

Proposed to limit the Prime Minister’s Office and the Privy Council Office combined to a maximum of 500 persons ?

Proposed to amend the Conflict of Interest legislation so that no MP who has broken a conflict of interest law as determined by the Conflict of Interest/Ethics Commissioner or a Court can serve in the Parliament of Canada .

Proposed that balanced budget legislation must be introduced within three years and can only be overridden in time of war and or insurrection?

Proposed a new judicial appointment system involving Parliament , public hearings , and Parliament’s decision on appointments being final?


Has he or his Party called upon the Provinces to make mandatory a Civic Course in every school in Canada from Grade Eight to the Last year in High School?

Has he undertaken in writing to have posted on his party’s website the annual audited financial statements of his party ?

If these actions have not been taken, what then is it that makes this , other than in name

A Conservative Official Opposition?

Source : My Magna Carta For Canada

Hon. A. Brian Peckford P.C.