BC Government News

February 1, 2023

Dr. Bonnie Henry, B.C.’s provincial health officer (PHO), has issued the following statement to welcome new doctors to British Columbia’s public health leadership team:

“The toxic drug crisis, the COVID-19 pandemic and ongoing responses to heat, wildfires and outbreaks have shown just how critically important the work we do in public health is in supporting and protecting people and communities throughout B.C.

“To help strengthen B.C.’s preparedness and response to present and future public health emergencies, I am pleased to share new additions to our public health leadership team at the Office of the PHO.

“I’d like to welcome Dr. Deena Hinshaw, who joins on a six-month contract basis as a deputy provincial health officer. In her new role, Dr. Hinshaw will support the work of the office of the PHO, while Dr. Martin Lavoie, a deputy provincial health officer, is on temporary assignment. Dr. Hinshaw previously served as chief medical officer of health for Alberta and was a key leader in response to the COVID-19 pandemic in that province.

“In addition, Dr. Andrew Larder, who previously served as a medical health officer at both Fraser and Interior Health, has joined our team on temporary assignment over the next several months.

“I feel very fortunate to work alongside such talented and dedicated public health experts and I know their expertise will be a great assistance as we emerge from the pandemic and continue to address the many public health challenges facing the province.”



  1. By hiring the Alberta reject, Henry has put an even bigger loss onto BC. Henry & Hinshaw both MUST resign, give up their own licenses to prove that they are truly serious about their concern for the people not only of British Columbia, but of all Canada. BC will lose more medical professional long before we gain them. There is no greater farce than their ILLEGAL Mandates.
    Drs Death and Genocide, Do Not Take Their Medical Oath Seriously, they in fact do the exact opposite everyday. Their oaths must have been DO AS MUCH HARM AS POSSIBLE and therefore should not be practicing any form of medicine.

  2. In my opinion, Bonnie “Mengele” Henry has hired Deena “The Quack” Hinshaw to act as her pit bull. I believe that they are going to go to the next phase of Technocratic Stalinism by playing the “global warming is a public health matter and as such we control what you do” card. The giveaway for me was the ‘heat’ and “wildfires’ section in the statement “ongoing responses to heat, wildfires “.
    Even a moronic cretin knows that summers get hot in BC and we get fires in BC and we just deal with it the way we have for over a century. When I lived in Lumby, back when the beehive burners were going all day and night it was smokey in the valley and that was pretty well it.
    Normal people, when they get caught in a lie, usually slink away and go into “don’t notice me mode” This lot, however, after being caught in their web if lies with regard to Covid 19 and the deadly and ineffective gene therapies are simply pressing ahead.
    But of course. They have to. They are literally fighting for their lives. They cannot admit fault and, as people realize they have been poisoned, and parents realize that they poisoned their children, they are hoping to amp up the control of the public so that movement is severely restricted lest people with “ideas” decide that they want to enact a justice that the judicial system in Canada is not providing. I am not advocating or condoning, however, I can see how they could come to a conclusion that the punishment should mirror the crime.
    A lot of scales have been ripped from a lot of eyes in this past year. Imagine what is going to come out in the next twelve months with regards to Covid, the vaxxine, the Banker’s War in the Ukraine, and the Fake Global Warming scam and how this all ties into the WEF and the WHO.
    I feel sorry for anyone who had anything to do with the WEF as the Canadian public will turn on them.
    Good and Hard. So, if you are associated with the WEF in any way, if you are a public servant who went to any WEF or similar junkets to lap up and implement the Smart City, the 15 min city, the Protected Rural Areas agendas, I would be worried and would hasten to reverse this nonsense as regular folks don’t like this kind of Communist control and you can be rest assured that the harm you have imposed on people will cause many to snap. Its the ones who snap cold, calm and collected that you need to worry about. They plan, they exhibit patience, they are under the radar lone wolf types and they are always successful. I don’t condone this or consul this, but it will happen as human nature assures us it will happen. Thousands of years of human history have taught us this.