Conservative Review

January 31, 2023

There is simply no macro epidemiological evidence that the COVID jabs saved any lives from the virus. To the contrary, there are numerous data points showing negative efficacy. Moreover, over 70% of the 6.75 million recorded COVID deaths occurred precisely after the shots were unleashed. In fact, many parts of the world that barely experienced COVID deaths during the first year, such as Scandinavia, Australia, and far East Asia, incurred almost all of their deaths after the shots were in the arms of every senior. So now that we established there was no mortality benefit, what was the cost? What if I told you it was 7.5 million – even more than the recorded number of COVID deaths?

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  1. I highly doubt the number is that low. We already know that everything was massaged, padded and dates were changed to make the {{{COVID}}} deaths themselves appear to be far greater than they actually were (which is more a case of screwing with people in nursing homes and ICUs so that a common flu could kill them: Remember the story about the Aussie guy who died of COVID after being shot in the head?!). Way too many articles out there on this nonsense happening for me to believe their numbers.

    Based on that observation, if they were lying about that, I think it’s somewhat safe to say they are lying about this. We know VAERS data is grossly under-reported and underestimated. Dr. Paul Alexander (I believe) mentioned at one point the real numbers are up to 100x greater than the reporting said. I know I have heard others say that as well. I know nurses have testified that they were told not to make and file VAERS reports for a number of different reasons. This alone tells me the death numbers are much, MUCH greater than advertised. There could easily be other factors that are contributing to this, such as the ‘sudden death’ cases being written off as nothing to due with the jabs, various doctors, morticians, coroners, etc. all outright lying due to incentive, coercion, etc.

    In short: Number grossly understated. ABJ (Anything but Jabbed) syndrome triumphs.