Covid deaths in Canada almost doubled in 2022 with a 85% vaccinated population


by Mike Campbell


January 31, 2023

Health Canada reports Covid deaths week-by-week, starting from the beginning of the pandemic in 2020.

In 2020, the total Covid deaths reported to the Public Health Agency Canada by provinces and territories was 9,225.

In 2021, as vaccines became accessible to Canadians between January and July, Covid deaths didn’t decrease over the year. Instead, the figure slightly increased to 9,934.

And, in 2022, with an approximately 85% vaccinated population in January and a less deadly Covid variant dominant, Covid deaths increased again.

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  1. Eventually our dictatorship is going to start going after more independent reporters who report on these inconvenient things. Rebel is supposedly already in government crosshairs, given how CBC is giving them free advertising with their campaign to (Though this could just as easily be another psy-op to give them some sort of added credibility; Rebel is still pushing the notion that sending help to Ukraine is a good thing).

    It’s no wonder the latest government push is on (what they claim to be) misinformation, despite their lies and agendas causing the real death and destruction across what used to be Canada (Projection, much? LOL). If I recall right, they were pushing this around the same time last year and that didn’t go anywhere. I wonder if they will start putting those commercials on TV again talking about why we should never believe anything we read on the internet (Apparently it was a hilarious thing to watch).