January 30, 2023

Mark Skidmore, author of the peer-reviewed survey study and a Professor of State and Local Government Finance and Policy at Michigan State University, concluded from the collected data that the total number of fatalities due to COVID-19 inoculation was estimated between 217,00 to 278,000 people (fatalities that may have occurred regardless of vaccination were removed). According to the CDC, about 31% of the United States population rejected the primary vaccination series as of November 2022. A peer-reviewed survey of 2840 participants in December 2021 showed that 34% reported that they knew someone who experienced a health problem from COVID-19, and those participants were more likely to be vaccinated. Conversely, 22% of the respondents indicated that they knew at least one person who had experienced a severe health problem following COVID-19 vaccination, and those participants were less likely to get vaccinated.

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