by CourtenyB

The Source

January 30, 2023

Last year, the European Union announced that three species of insects would be allowed for human consumption: the migratory spider cricket, the yellow mealworm and the house cricket. Now it’s official, the European Union has approved cricket and insect powder for use in a variety of baked goods and other food staples in grocery stores.

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  1. As far as I am concerned, the EU can bugger off. I am well aware of the incompatible nature of bugs with humans. Birds and rodentia may enjoy eating them and may be able to process their toxins without being harmed by them, but we have no such luck. They are carry some nasty parasites, stuff we would not want in our bodies under any circumstances.

    On the plus side, it appears to be mainly something for processed food (though that could still change, so keep your eyes open). If your diet consists of foods you make yourself, you will have less to worry it. Regardless, check EVERY label. Look for anything that doesn’t sound like something you can easily pronounce or something you cannot recognize. Also, watch for shellfish allergy warnings. That’s a good indicator it contains bug parts.

    I get it that a rare grasshopper might show up in a bag of frozen beans (accidents do happen) but that is not the same as grinding them into a powder and trying to make them part of the food.

    Side note: Interesting that food and processing plants seem to be burning down at 100x their normal rate, but the bug plants are perfectly fine. Another hint that this is related to the agenda to starve and poison us all to death, perhaps?