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🔥 WATCH: Dr. Ed Young educates the community on the dangers of ESG and the goals Klaus Schwab wants to impose on the world. “I’m getting in trouble…. But If you’re on a pulpit today and you’re not getting in trouble, then you’re not teaching Gods truth”


  1. Christianity teaches the very things the handlers of the ‘western world’ cannot tolerate: True love, family values, right from wrong and ‘real’ unity, not mental illness, destroyed families, LGBTPPPPPPQRSTUVetc., and division so they can loot and plunder us unopposed.

    The handlers view Christianity and the legitimate Muslim faith as the two biggest threats to their empire. They cannot subvert Muslim from within so they resort to covert wars to murder as many as they can. With Christianity, thus they shove their agenda down their throats, enforce multiculturalism at the barrel end of a gun, sow division, privileged groups, etc. so everyone is too busy fighting amongst themselves.

    I’m of the belief that you don’t actually need God to be a good person. You should be able to be a good person without having to resort to some sort of religious bribery or blackmail, like being good is your ticket into heaven, etc.

  2. JHC,

    You do not speak the full context of what Jesus said, btw this is often typical…

    He said, “Do not judge lest ye be judged and only judge in righteousness.”

    So yes, if we are to judge others we must be ready to stand at being judged ourselves. Then only should we judge others in the ways of righteousness.

    “Love thy neighbour as you love thyself.” The love of your neighbour must not be blind but be tested to how you love yourself.

    Jesus passed judgment, his disciples did too. Judging unrighteously is a sin, (ie. bearing false witness) but to pass judgement in righteousness is not.

    Many also erroneously say this next verse this way, “if your neighbour shall strike your cheek, turn to him the other side.”


    “If your neighbour shall strike your right cheek, then you shall turn to him your other side.”

    The point is if a man stands before you and strikes you on your right cheek, he is going to be using his left hand, for most people that is the weaker hand. You by then turning to him your left cheek is a test to see if he is willing to now strike to your other cheek by using his right and again for most their dominant hand. If he then does this, you are in your right to defend yourself as need be.

    Sadly many people (notably atheists like) pick and choose from the Bible but this often includes many who say they are Christian.

    If you/we all were to truly read and honourably accept the 10 Commandments much of our worlds problems would fall away.

  3. Kuro-chan,

    Your posts here often are very well thought out but if I may interject on this one above?

    Getting to Heaven based on good deeds is a soft way for many of us to excuse being of sinful ways and such.

    I ask,

    If today you were on a jury and you had to judge a person charged with a crime, lets say a serious crime. (pick one, murder, rape, pedophilia, terrorist attack). If this person (male or female, you pick) during the trial was said by their defence lawyer to you on the jury that they did these good things in their life

    A: Gave 10% of their income to the poor each year.
    B: Helped a neighbour of a problem by volunteering in a positive way.
    C: Went into a burning building to save another person.
    D: Stopped by the side of the road after midnight in the rain to help a stranded motorist.
    E: Served Christmas dinner to the poor each Christmas.

    Would you vote not guilty of the heinous crime they were on trial over?

    You see, we flawed human beings like to think that surely only doing ‘good’ measures gets us to what we may believe as Heaven. But my question above remains…. Does the person on trial here for such a heinous crime get off because they did what is said to be some good things?

    The wages of Sin is death. God provided each of us if we choose a Savior and that was Jesus Christ. Who died on the Cross (but rose 3 day later) as a Sin free man for ALL of our Sins. All we have to do to save ourselves is to accept him and TO REPENT of our sinful ways and live as best we can as flawed humans to the words of the Bible.

    I surely hear many say.. “BLAH BLAH BLAH, take your flying Spaghetti Monster and shove it. I NEED NO GOD! I CAN DO RIGHT ALL ON MY OWN!”

    Without God and his book the Holy Bible, what morals and moral context shall we use? Yours, Mine, Trudeau’s, Biden’s, Hitler’s, Stalin’s, Mao’s, Osama Bin Laden’s, your first high school crush’s, your high school track coach’s? Who’s?

    If we do not trust in our God and the Bible, then Hitler and his Nazis were no less moral than you or me.

    I hear some crying out to me, “WHAT THE F*&K! HITLER?!?” “I’m more moral than Hitler!”

    SAYS YOU!?!

    Remember Hitler and his Nazis BELIEVED that they were correct, they were moral in their own eyes. So who are you or anyone to think your morals are better than his/theirs?


    Hitler and his Nazis were so perverted to use and abuse God, that sewn on every German soldier’s uniform were the words “Got mit uns.” (“God’s with us”)

    Just something for you and others to think about, I know that I did and do and was again a rather oblivious agnostic for over 20 years of my adult life.

    • A heck of a thing to respond to here, Les.

      First, thanks for your kind words regarding what I say around here. A lot of the time I feel like I post in anger because I grow tired of seeing all the wrong that goes on and the hypocrisy of those that commit it trying to act like they’re the ones in the right.

      Okay, looking at what you asked and said, I’ll try to respond as best I can.

      I looked at your question of jury duty and I feel like what I said and what you are asking is not necessarily the same thing. As a member of a jury, my place would simply be to determine if a person of guilty of a ‘specific’ bad action. Accounting for past deeds does not condemn or vindicate the specific action I am supposed to contribute in passing judgment on. It’s already bad enough that it seems like someone’s background, heritage or access to massive amounts of money is already used, time and time again, as a convenient excuse for why they should be allowed to escape justice as it is, bypassing the entire judicial system. I lost count of the number of times I caught headlines like “Rich person #A settles outside of court to avoid jail time” or “Rich person of a certainly religious background #B has his case dismissed because having his named printed in the newspaper was ‘punishment enough’ “. In all matters related to this, my medical condition would never permit me to sit on a jury, anyway. I would be completely compromised and unable to deliver a proper answer.

      Let’s operate under the assumption that there is such a thing as God / heaven / etc. (Which is fine by me, if that’s your crutch/bargaining chip and means to operate as a good person, points for you. I merely believe it’s not a requirement). As a human being, it would not only be presumptuous, but not my place to summarize a person’s deeds for any sort of judgment. I am not God. I do not to pretend to be such a being. Why would I try to steal the pedestal from someone else? It makes no sense to me, at all.

      Where I have issues with religion is how easily it is corrupted and misused to serve selfish purposes and the lack of evidence to convince me that any practice is essentially the correct one (which I know is called faith, something that has been trained out of me due to decades of being betrayed and backstabbed on an almost daily basis). Why call it religion at all? I would prefer to think that these are merely forms and variants of personal disciplines / paths that you can choose to take or you can try to fashion your own. Some of these require you to attend gatherings and listen to sermons, others make you sit in leg-numbed positions for hours on end, the list really goes on…

      Now, referring to more specific religions… How do I know the bible is legit? We are taking the word of those who lived before us and who knows how many alterations or revisions were made along the way. None of us were alive when this appeared and we’re making a LOT of assumptions and having a ton of faith that the people aren’t being led by the nose like a bunch of idiots so others can have a good laugh at our/their expense. Heck, this stuff could just as easily be a wild imagination ride conjured up by a bunch of guys who were smoking way too much of the good stuff for a month straight and no one would be the wiser to the scale of just how big a scam this whole religion notion is anyway. Maybe they thought it would be a great way to sell the proverbial equivalent of t-shirts and preach for cash?

      As for who has a/the truth, well… There are too many unknowns to simply say, “Hey, this is the actual truth, trust us!” or such similar statements. Christianity is hardly the only religion. We are outright flooded with an almost countless number of different beliefs and everyone (generally) assuming their own truth/beliefs are the correct/only one. You speak of the bible and state it as though it is fact, which already establishes that this is your truth and that it’s the only correct one. The dangerous types of any belief are those who push their beliefs onto others while believing that is an acceptable practice. Much is the same with ideology, mental illness that pretends to not be, etc. That sort of attitude is responsible for a great deal of what is wrong with the world, today.

      Much of this was playing devil’s advocate, but religion is kinda one of those crazy things to discuss since most of the time it ends up with people declaring some form of war on each other for disagreeing with certain things. I generally equate religion itself as drone’ism and a way of controlling others by manipulating their beliefs and to shaping them into something the overseers want them to have. As for me, I have no issues at all with Jesus. I merely have zero use for the fanclub and would prefer to not be associated with them.

  4. Kuro-Chan.

    I’ll follow up with a few points.

    1: As to judging criminal activity, (Sin). Again God will not bypass ones sin based on if one did some good things in life. As I said in a criminal trial the judge/jury do not take into consideration of the one on trial past deeds. Conviction or not will be based on evidence of the current crime.

    Is there injustice? Do some people of privilege get off or get lesser sentences? YES! Why? because humans are falible and can be mislead and/or corrupted, including our criminal justice system. The base of our justice system in most ‘civil’ nations is represented by the statue of Lady Justice, blindfolded and holding a scale in balance. We though can fail at justice at times, but that does not mean throwing it all out. It means to redouble efforts at keeping it true to the ideals of justice.

    2: This leads me onto faith. Faith in man (ie: an atheists way or at min. an agnostics view) will always in time fall short or fail. No man is perfect, but only one in history and he was Jesus Christ. He did exist and the Bible makes clear his truth. Even those who chose not to follow Jesus and some even acted against him DID NOT deny what we can today read in the Bible about him. So getting back to faith in mankind. IT ALWAYS WILL FAIL YOU! We need to or must trust at times in others, but we should never put true faith others and be skeptical of those who do so or demand so.

    The 10 Commandments if humanity would best follow would result in markedly less crime and troubles for us all. But many do not want to follow the 10 Commandments for they believe it will sacrifice their freedom. If they relent to the 10 Commandments they must accept God. But they like building the god of their own mind for it offers them freedom to live life in often sinful ways.

    The Bible tells of how we should judge crime here on Earth. If we did model our justice system to those ideals we would have much less crime.

    3: Religion. Christians typically do not like using the word Religion. It has been and can be divisive and not true in bringing us closer to God. Most Christians use the word Faith. Now as to other non-Christian ‘Religions’ yes, we are of free will to decide to follow or not any of these or of not having faith at all. But only ONE ‘Religion’ will be true. How does one decide to pick one or to decide to live without faith in God. Christians will say look at the evidence. The problem is that Satan and his Demons have done well in recent decades to blind us, even in our once strong of Christian faith nations. So many of us walk blind and /or deceived even if evidence of the Bible and Jesus is made clear.

    Kuro-Chan, and others here who may doubt Christianity let me ask you, If I could provide you enough proof of Jesus and Christianity, would you accept it and come to Christ?

    Sadly many people would still not do so, for they ignorantly feel that doing so even with proof would be submission to God and loss of what they feel is freedom.

    But if I may, How do we know The Bible is true and Jesus as the Messiah is correct?

    There are many verses in the Bible and in outside of the Bible history to support the truth of this. But my post will go on too long if I run a list of such so let me pick one to have you all ponder.


    If the resurrection of Christ was just made up then why in an era where a woman’s testimony was worth half that of a mans did the first people to see the tomb of Jesus empty be women? If it was a made up story why would it not be a group of significant or VIP guys saying they saw the tomb empty first?

    The disciples of Jesus saw him AFTER the resurrection and noted their witness of such.

    The 12 disciples Jesus ALL abandoned him before or during the Crucifixion, yet EACH one after stayed true to his resurrection and of being the Messiah. NONE of them ever profited from staying with the truth, in fact most were persecuted until each ones’ own passing, WHY!?! Why if not true would anyone choose such suffering?

    As to not being there yourself, yourselves, do you judge all history on the?same measure? Were you there with Alexander The Great? Where you there during the French Revolution? Where you there during the US Revolution or its later Civil War? Where you there with Napoleon during his conquests of much of Europe? But I trust you all believe in these historical moments of time, WHY!?! Because you saw it in history books and in paintings or drawings etc. Why is that good enough for you in these historical moments but not the words of the Bible which is a history book and book on living true to God?

    What became Christianity is the one Faith based only on the truth. It requires no lies, nor threats to hold others to conformity. It does no work on ACTS OF GOODNESS to get to Heaven /Valhalla etc. , though once you accept Christ and Repent your Heart will begin to change to be more good. Note, I did not say change to only be good. WE ARE FALLEN HUMANS AND LACK THE ABILITY TO BE PERFECTLY GOOD ALL THE TIME! We must always be ready to test ourselves to the Scriptures and adjust and/or repent of any sinful ways. IT’S NOT ALWAYS EASY! But if we try to stay true to Jesus we will succeed more in doing so than not.

    This gets me to you saying the Church is corrupted. Yes, certainly some Churches are corrupted, but not all. Satan knows to try to infiltrate the Church. Many atheists. agnostics say the Church is full of hypocrites.. YEP! AND THE CHURCH WILL ALWAYS WELCOME ONE MORE AND THAT IS YOU, ME, ANY OF US!

    One does not have to go to a church to be Christian, but if one does do so, I say YES! but pick a good church and not any who say they are ‘new age’ or call themselves ‘progressive churches’ which only DRAWS people away from God and Scriptures. But also do not pick those that preach prosperity gospels. God is ok with one attaining wealth lawfully but not in faux preachers preaching ‘prosperity gospels’.

    My point is to NOT give up on Faith in Christ just because we see some or even many Churches that are corrupted and deceitful to their parish.

    I have come back to Jesus after 20+ years of my life as an oblivious agnostic. I am on a journey with Christ and am far from perfect, but I worship now Christ and not ‘A Church’, though I’m all ok with people attending good, morally righteous and biblically true churches if they want to.