by Bruce O’Hara 

January 30, 2023

This week, I want to look at yet another poll that points to limits on the US Government’s efforts at narrative control.

What has happened to Ukraine in the past year is truly tragic. Something on the order of 150,000 brave Ukrainian soldiers have died, and roughly twice that number have been seriously wounded.

Half or more of Ukraine’s electrical infrastructure has been destroyed. Ukraine’s economy is in free-fall. The country is massively is debt.

What’s left of Ukraine’s army and weaponry is relentlessly being destroyed at a faster rate than NATO can replace it.

Last April, at the urging of Britain and the United States, Ukraine walked away from a ceasefire deal which would have avoided the death, destruction, and economic devastation which has occurred since. In return, Ukraine needed only to agree to military neutrality and returning to the borders that existed before the war. That deal provided an outcome immensely better than any imaginable outcome available to Ukraine today.

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  1. Given that nuclear WW3 is at least a 50/50 situation at this time, I have read and watched every credible NON-MSM source re: Ukraine v. Russia.

    Colonel Douglas MacGregor(US Army, Ret) offers the best authoritative analysis of the current situation, and what happens over the next 90 days. IMHO