According to a new report from Open Doors, worldwide persecution of Christians is at its highest point in three decades. It has also risen in Canada.

by Brad Salzberg

January 29, 2023

“The persecution of Christians is at its highest point in three decades, according to the latest report from advocacy group Open Doors.”

The World Watch List, released by Open Doors on Jan. 18, 20022. reports that “the number of Christians facing persecution worldwide remained steady in 2022 at approximately 360 million.”

All of which fell on deaf ears among the Liberal Party of Canada. At the same time, PM Justin Trudeau just gave Islamic Canada its biggest boost of all-time.

This month, PM Trudeau, together with Somali Refugee MP Ahmed Hussen, selected religious fundamentalist Amira Elghabaway as Canadian “Minister of Islamophobia.”

CAP can see why this lady made the cut. Like Trudeau and Hussen, Ms. Alghabaway has an extremely low opinion of our country. If things went her way(don’t count it out), our nation would have no Canada Day celebration.

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  1. Of course that thing is going to ignore the persecution. It is part of the problem. It has been championing the anti-white, anti-Christian hatred in Canada for the last 7 years, now. Churches burn down everywhere in Canada and NONE of the 338 members in the House of Elites have made so much as a whisper about it. Says plenty about the stranglehold and level of control the Lieberal insiders have in our dictatorship.

    Meanwhile, Emperor Jr. is showing blatant and obvious signs of mental instability and outright insanity. The last three clips I had the displeasure of challenging myself to not lose my lunch over showed such a great divorce from reality and by implying how lockups were the best thing to ever happen to the country, fake jabs gave great feelings (while real ones constituted genocide) and the willingness to crush, kill and destroy this entire country just so it can go ‘green’ (which is environmentally more destructive than anyone will ever admit).

  2. Here is the thing folks, notice how other religions, cults and Marxist/socialist groups all pus, deceptions, threats of violence and direct violence including terrorism in their lies to prop up the false beliefs, idols and ideals. Notice that they are so weak in their beliefs and ideals that these beliefs and ideals cannot stand on their own without coercion, threats, lies, general and terroristic violence.

    Did/do you notice that faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and the Christian faith does not need lies, distortions, threats of violence nor terrorism to STAND UP AND STAND TALL! Jesus is so powerful and his name so immense that one can of see many non-Christians often get upset to even get into rabid anger over just hearing his name spoken and the words of the Gospels… THINK ABOUT THIS POINT! Those of Faith in Christ can bend like trees in a hurricane but NEVER DO NOR SHALL THEY BREAK! Even during times of maximum oppression such as 20th. Century perversion of Communism exemplified through the Soviet Union that Christian faith never was extinguished inside the USSR. Islamic terrorists throughout parts of the world have tried and still try to extinguish Christian faith, BUT THERE IT IS, IT STILL STANDS! It’s the one faith built only on the truth built on the glory of a Saviour and needs no lies, nor threats and nor active violence to stay standing.

    YES, those of Christ’s faith have had to pick up the breast plate and a sword at times to defend the name of Christ, his salvation and the truths of the Holy Bible. But Christianity is one faith that is NOT WEAK! SCARES THE BEJESUS OUT OF SATAN, HIS DEMONS ALONG WITH THE LOST SOULS WHO WILFULLY FOR MANY AND IGNORANTLY FOR SOME FOLLOW HIS DECEIT, PERVERSIONS AND SOUL ROBBING IDEALS!

    Any religion, culture or political ideals/faith built on deception, lies, threats of violence and actual violence terrorism are hopelessly flawed, perverted by Satan and full of envy and anger towards the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and to those who give of themselves in accepting his Salvation and to endeavour to live as close as they can to his ways and the truth of the Bible.

    I’m speaking as a one time and long time agnostic. That when you truly give yourself and your heart to Jesus, doing so will change your heart in a better way and your way of life will begin to change in a positive way with rewards to your heart, life and living greater than you can by being without Jesus.

    You may not get what you want by having true faith in Christ, but he will get you what he knows you may need and when you may need it most.

    The one faith is the true faith in our flawed world and again, STANDS TALL LIKE TREES BENDING IN A HURRICANE BUT NEVER BREAKS AND THAT FAITH IS IN CHRIST!

    Believe me folks, humble yourselves pray for God to help you free your heart so that you follow the ways of Christ and the Gospels.. IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!