This is THE Covid Documentary. We have been meticulously documenting this pandemic from the moment that it started, and we have kept ALL of the receipts.

We cover everything in FIVE parts: Part I – COVID In Context Part II – A Self Imposed Prison Part III – The Tragedy of Our Civil Liberties Part IV – The “Vaccine” Part V – The COVID Industrial Complex




  1. That’s the beauty of what pretends to be media being so concentrated into a handful of owners; it’s SUPER easy to control the narrative and block out any views which disagree with the state using 1984speak. It wouldn’t take much to manipulate the gullible to believe there was some sort of crisis going on. Everything economical was set to blow up in the near future anyway when this all started, so this scamdemic was invented as the ideal and nearly perfect cover story so they could blow everything up on purpose and have a fall guy, in this case, a virus that never existed.

    Washington Post is letting go of journalists. Why do you need them, anyway? ALL the propaganda now comes from a centralized source who decides what the average peon is allowed to think and believe. They probably only need one person to change a few words here and there, ensure all the important ideologically-pure crap is in place, make up random names to simulate reports that pretend to do their jobs (like they’ve been pretending all this time) and boom: You sell the illusion of media. Heck, they can probably have an AI do that job, now.