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  1. We may be witnessing the Crime of the Century to date, not just here in B.C. but globally. The fact that our Chief Medical Officer and her staff were fully aware of these (notta) vaccine adverse reactions even in early 2021 and she not only did nothing to stop it but pushed hard on the population in taking the jabs including what are sure violations of medical privacy and those silly unconstitutional vaccine passports is utterly amazing to se now.

    The fact that the B.C. Ministry of Health and sadly many BOUGHT AND PAID FOR DOCTORS still push these jabs is even more disconcerting.

    The good thing is as info is released, more and more documents and such will inevitably follow as the world comes to terms with this whole Covid 19 melodrama and those hard pushed notta-vaccines. The powers to be may be forced to open NUREMBERG-like trials and many may end up in prison or at the end of a rope.

  2. To add…

    I hardly even talk about this crap now as those around who took the jabs need not be more worried about potential future health issues from such jabs, so why would I now bother to induce more possible worry over these reports of adverse reactions of these notta-vaccine jabs? I only pray for the well being of family, friends and others who I know who took the jabs.

  3. Not she. They. They all damn well knew. They knew from as early as one month into distributing this garbage that it killed, but not only did they keep it to themselves, they continued to promote it. Logical conclusion: Incentive to continue to promote it. Most likely candidate: Payoffs and kickbacks. How many of these big promoters of this garbage suddenly got rich? We certainly know of several politicians in Canada went from having a small amount of money to a sudden, massive fortune following this scamdemic.

    • I think they knew about this before it was put into action. I have heard dates like 2015, to start the push on depopulation by vaccination. All of this was 1000% about control, depopulation, and $$$$$$$$ into all of their pockets.

      Those of us that have loved ones that have recently died suddenly, I may be close to that status need to start including the mention on how they died in their obituary. People read obits and perhaps that message could get through to some of the hardheaded sheep out there.

  4. This woman belongs behind bars, I pray every day these evil sick murdering people will get what is coming to them. This is premeditated murder, until the shot is stopped, mandates stopped, investigations. I am surprised with all the people dropping dead on tv and die suddenly, that people are ignoring that it can only be the bio weapon Covid jab. Wake up people.

    • Bonnie Mengele needs to be sent to the gallows in the priority line up. We are getting close to a tipping point, where people will eventually take the law into their own hands. A raging vengeance built up for months.

      They hike, they go for a walk, walk their dogs, get groceries, get a haircut, get their vehicle serviced.

      Tick tock.

  5. Well done ES…these emails are just the tip of the iceberg…and the entire government complex knew about the AEFIs. These people are evil to the core!

  6. IF the email is authentic, then;

    – She is extremely negligent in terms of proper chronological record keeping, and;

    – She lacks the necessary due diligence to be involved at any level of the patient care and patient safety continuum, other than perhaps being a volunteer handing out masks at the clinic entrance.

    That’s my personal opinion for sure.

    F*** her and Turdeau as well.

  7. She is a x military doctor. A friend of mine who is a doctor who knows her, ‘ x military so am I said. She was told by the college to promote them or else she would lose her license to practice medicine!