“One way of increasing racism in society comes in the form of blatant favouritism toward a specific community.”

by Brad Salzberg


January 27, 2023

“Diversity truly is one of Canada’s greatest strengths, but for many Muslims, Islamophobia is all too familiar. We need to change that. No one in our country should experience hatred because of their faith.”

— PM Justin Trudeau.

Upon which CAP offer up a question not once addressed by mainstream Canadian media:

Does the behaviour of PM Trudeau result in a reduction, or exacerbation of racism in Canada? One sure-fire way of increasing racist sentiment in society comes in the form of favouritism toward a specific community. The situation becomes worse when another community is chastised by a ruling government.

Such is the case regarding the Christian-Muslim religious dynamic in Canada. Since day one in office, Trudeau has placed Muslims on a political pedestal. Conversely, Liberal government neglect of prejudice toward our Christian communities has set up society for inter-community conflict.

Has Justin Trudeau done so on purpose? Can there be a covert goal at hand in this regard? CAP say their darn well is. Consider the history of 20th century revolutions. In each case, the creation of a vilified community was essential to revolutionary success.

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