Chances of confessed “Catholic” Justin Trudeau appointing a Minister of Christophobia? Begin at zero, and don’t stop till you get enough.

by Brad Salzberg 

January 26, 2023

“Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced the appointment of a special representative on combating Islamophobia that will advise the federal government on how to better fight discrimination against the Muslim community.”

Combating “Islamophobia,” or providing a licence for religious activists to decide what constitutes racism? A slippery slope it is, in light of the Liberal political figure responsible for the appointment of former National Council of Canadian Muslim’s executive Amira Elghawaby as “Minister Of Islamophobia.”

“A spokesperson from Diversity and Inclusion Minister Ahmed Hussen’s office told CBC News she will sit for a four-year term and that her office will have a budget of $5.6 million. The budget says that funding would cover the first five years of the office’s operations.”

In other words, Canadians are going to be hearing a lot more about Islam throughout the decade. The elevation of Ms. Elghawaby to prime position as “Chief Islamophobia Police Person” all-but guarantees it.

No one should be surprised it has occurred. In 2015, a freshly-minted PM Trudeau began his tenure as champion of Syrian Refugee intake. A few years later, he graduated to repatriating ISIS terrorists. Currently, Mr. Trudeau is working to import ISIS member “Jihadi” Jack Letts to our country.

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  1. This is just another stepping stone. EVERY group that isn’t white Christian will have their own appointments (especially the LGBTPEEEEEEQRSTUVWhatever-the-heck-this-is-supposed-to-mean-garbageXYZ group and the group that is behind this agenda-pushing authoritarianism).

    This just one one step of the genocide campaign against the white people. I want to be wrong, but I’m more sorry to say that no one else can see this.