Huge New Findings! Vax likely Designed to Change DNA & to turn on the molecular switches for cancer to Thrive




  1. The immune system itself plays one the most vital functions in getting rid of cancer cells in our bodies. Cancer is naturally occurring and can be found in all of us, just not (normally) in amounts where it can cluster up into real threats. Other factors like environment, not being in a crazy radioactive zone, your diet, stuff like that all contributes to it. These jabs target and destroy people’s immune systems so the cancer they normally fight are allowed free reign to cluster and become serious people-killing problems.

    It’s become a race to see what kills you first after you take this garbage: The blood destruction from the graphene oxide, the clots and organ failure from the spike protein, the myocarditis from it targeting the heart with damage or the cancer / common cold from the total destruction of people’s immune systems. Roll the single die and count the years you have left if you have taken this garbage, sorry.

    But, let’s not the forget the most important part of all this: Rich fill-in-the-blanks got to make more money and get off on murdering innocents with impunity.