“Will Trudeau sacrifice everything Canada has stood for since its inception to fulfill his WEF-fuelled woke mission?”

by Brad Salzberg


January 25, 2023

You won’t see it in mainstream media, but a recent visit to Hamilton, Ontario tells the story. Social media clips this week revealed the level of hostility Canadians have for PM Justin Trudeau.

That the video clips are located in Ontario, so-called hotbed of Liberal Party support adds fuel to the anti-Trudeau fire. In the real world— at a street level—Canadians despise the man.

Within a western democracy, political history tells us that the further a national leader strays from the will of the people, the greater the degree of public animosity.

Justin Trudeau has never spent a single day working for the Canadian majority. Always and forever, it is “special interest” Canada which serves as a baseline for his decision-making.

LGBT and its powerful transgender lobby get the nod. Muslims, Sikhs and the rest of “racialized” Canada are in the house. With climate change and net-zero as rationalization, the Liberals are stealing away our personal freedoms as we speak.

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  1. WEF/ self elected
    My planet
    Your planet
    No person/ feds/ dictate to me
    I am selected by the suspension of our planet, so as you are
    More of us than them(WEF)
    We have already WON

    • Rosie, I do check on if and how many comments are to be approved. Just so happens I just saw and approved your comment, and just approved and now replied to your question. Seems like a bit of patience on your part would be inorder. As for your comment on extreme mind washing on our side. If TRUTH is mind washing, then you should give your head a shake and wake up!

  2. That thing Trudeau and it’s accomplice Freeland have already recently stated that they have every intention of bankrupting/destroying Canada if that’s what it takes for us to go ‘green’, never mind that.
    – There is no replacement / alternate for everything they’re purposefully trying to break.
    – They are also trying to destroy the food supply while ‘claiming’ that it’s also responsible for producing carbon.
    – This isn’t their plan. This is a foreign plan created by their foreign handlers being dumped on us, AKA TREASON, by demonstrating you are working for someone else to subvert us.
    – Electrical grid cannot handle ANY surge in electrical vehicles.
    – There isn’t enough Lithium in existence to do any sort of mass vehicle replacement.
    – Carbon is something that plants take in to produce oxygen, grow trees, food, etc. Carbon is not a bad thing, despite the propaganda. Trees and plants are growing at all-time rates because there is more carbon for them to soak in.
    – Volcanic and other natural disasters produce tons of carbon and we haven’t gone extinct, yet.
    – Corporate disasters and wars are responsible for far greater pollution than the average person, yet we continue to see reckless corporate plundering and wars treated like it’s some backyard sports event, especially with retarded munitions like depleted uranium shells which leaves whole countries with large-scale health consequences that never go away.
    – The political system burns as much carbon as a good chunk of the entire nation put together. I don’t see any leading by example, here, just the usual doublespeak hypocrisy we come to expect from that thing that has stolen the last three elections.

    If there is anyone still alive in the future, they are going to be looking at this era as “Dark Ages 2.0” and wonder just why people were so unbelievably stupid. Then again, people of the past have been trying to warn us all for centuries: This is what happens when you let a certain group in, corrupt your values, use money to buy up your representatives, control the points of information, education, etc. It’s the same disastrous results EVERY… SINGLE… TIME!!!

    Also, another shout-out to Micheal Easton for tolerating my rants and viewpoints! I know I can sound a bit angry at times.