The weight of high inflation rates and quick monetary tightening have worsened the US economy’s prognosis in 2023. Robert Kiyosaki invited his good friend, and financial expert to discuss what he sees for 2023. Today’s guest says his “list” is different than other experts out there as his list combines geopolitics and economics to provide a complete picture of the outlook in 2023.  James Rickards, author of “Sold Out: How Broken Supply Chains, Surging Inflation, and Political Instability will Sink The Global Economy” says, “For the last three years, China has pursued a zero-Covid policy.” Which he explains was all done for political reasons at the cost of billions of dollars.  Host Robert Kiyosaki and guest Jim Rickards discuss why this zero-covid policy and other geo-political policies will significantly affect the global economy.





  1. Again I say we need a radical rethink of taxation and spending policies.

    1: The Flat Tax leading to the Extinguishing of Income Tax Act.
    (a) Incorporate a flat income tax, set oh say at 20% on all reported income less a basic $15,000 exemption.
    This Flat Income Tax of 20% will for each year after its introduction be reduce by 2% points per year,
    ie: 20%-18%-16%-14%-12%-10%-8%-6%-4%-2%- 0%. Taxable deductions will be modified to be
    fewer in order to make income tax filing more streamlined and less bureaucratic.
    (b) This Flat Tax policy will be applied to all corporations and individuals with earned income.

    2: In accordance to the Flat Income Tax leading to the extinguishing of Income Tax Act that the Federal Government will annually increase the GST (Federal Sales Tax) on most goods and services provided short of established exemptions on certain goods and services. The GST (Federal Sales Tax) as per example Canada will move annually from 5% to 15% each year ie:5%-6%-7%-8%-9%-10%-11%-12%-13%-14%-15% as the Income Tax rate is reduced each year.
    (a): Protections for low income earners/households. As the nation transitions from a tax on income, which itself is a drag on economic growth and development to a tax on consumption, economic protections for lower income earners/households will be implemented. Based on annual income report filings, though it could be twice yearly or more if need be, low income earners/household that qualify will be given monthly or bi-monthly financial subsidies, to help ease the increased burden of the higher sales tax rates. This can be on a declining rate as incomes rise to a cut off threshold.

    3: The culmination of moving the nation through a declining flat income tax, to a zero income tax and thus the reliance on Federal Sales Tax only, will immediately bolster the economy as consumers and investors will have more (eventually over 10 years all) of their earned income to spend, save and/or invest in economic growth. REAL ECONOMIC GROWTH AND NOT MOSTLY PHONEY DEBT BASED GROWTH WE HAVE WITNESSED OVER THE LAST 25-30+ YEARS!

    Of course as we transition to this tax and economic model we will have to confront and make sound but solid decisions as to what we want our governments to do and provide to us. Essentially a much smaller but more focused government. Many of its bureaucratic driven policies and programs can and must then be eliminated, reshaped to have more efficiency and/or privatized as the income earners have ALL of their incomes at their disposal to spend, save and/or or invest in private (competitively regulated) programs and services.

    If we want to make our gross mishandling of monetary, taxation and economic policies and problems be easier to deal with my proposals here will do more to alleviate such problems than most any other options.

    Imagine if you will in ten years from my proposal implementation to never have to file income tax forms or have source point deductions of income tax ever again. Each year, or even every 6 months or so you file a running income statement which will be used to see if you and/or your household qualify for low income subsidies due to the higher sales tax on goods and services. That said my proposal will likely drive economic growth to a point where there may be less low income households anyways.

    This all said if any big government lefties want to still donate part of their income to the the government, they as they see attached to each Income Statement we all will file can then write a cheque or debit transaction of whatever amount income they have as a donation to their BELOVED BIG GOVERNMENT! 🙂