Absolute Bombshell Documentary – Covenom-19
CIA use of shellfish toxin as a weapon (dart gun) to stop hearts of humans, congressional hearing in 1975
Take a look, tell me what you think? Ardis is my friend and while he was attacked for his views, I have worked with him, a smart scientist, decent real patriot; very interesting; tell me your views

Dr. Paul Alexander



  1. Great video. Awesome people.

    I totally believe any serious researcher who finds poisons, Injectable self-assembling electronics, parasites, worms, venoms, abortion related extracts, or any other demonic ingredients.

    It really is a demonic witches brew designed to kill and maim. There are billions of vials, with dozens of different names and labels.

    The WHO database ( VigiAccess.org
    ) shows almost 5 million serious “adverse events” for COVID-19 VACCINE starting chronologically in 2015 with 3 reports that year. Just search for COVID-19 VACCINE and it’s mind boggling.

    That right there 100% proves Operation Warp Speed was a fraud, and the governments / Big Pharma were creating and experimenting with these deadly injections well before President Trump took office.

    I just thank God and the Holy Spirit of the Lord Jesus for giving me the discernment to avoid these injections, despite all the life-changing challenges this brought me as a hospital worker in BC.

    No fear. No regrets.