On behalf of ICAN, vaccine and civil rights attorney Aaron Siri sued the CDC to get their V-SAFE data. V-Safe is a new smartphone-based CDC program that allows users to register after getting a Covid-19 vaccine and provide health check-ins. Why did it take 463 days for the CDC to release this important data?

“Now that we have [the V-SAFE data] and we’ve looked at that data, of the 10 million users within V-SAFE, 7.7 percent of them had to seek medical care after vaccination. This is an incredibly high percentage!”

“Now that we have the data we can see that getting the vaccine caused 25 percent of people who got the shot, within this dataset of 10 million people, to miss work.”

— Aaron Siri

Check out the alarming V-SAFE data here:


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Why Did The CDC Hide The V-Safe Data From The American People For Almost 2 Years?
Because it clearly shows that these vaccines are the most dangerous vaccines we’ve ever created, that’s why.

“The V-safe data shows that 33.1% of the people who got the vaccine suffered from a significant adverse event and 7.7% had to seek professional medical care. These are extraordinary numbers. They clearly show the vaccines are unsafe, that the CDC deliberately hid this information from the American public, and that the drug companies falsified the data in the trials…”



Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN)




  1. I would like to know why this jab poison is still being pushed by our medical establishment its killing people I dam near died blood clots and congestive heart failure etc when will they stop this