“The Liberal Party believes that terrorists should get to keep their Canadian citizenship … because I do,” Justin Trudeau told a Winnipeg town hall in July, 2015.

by Brad Salzberg


January 21, 2023

The man has never stepped foot on Canadian soil. Regardless of the fact, the Liberal Government have given a green light to importing arch-terrorist “Jihadi Jack” to Canada.

“Canada will repatriate the British-born ISIS member “Jihadi Jack” along with 22 other citizens held in Islamic State prison camps in north-east Syria.” 

Thus far, mainstream media has exposed the 22 citizens, said to be women and children of known Islamic terrorists. Conveniently, they have left out the Jack Letts component of the story.

Would Canadians be outraged to find out that Muslim convert and Islamic terrorist Jack Letts is being imported into Canada by the Trudeau government? Judging by previous public response on the topic, they certainly would be. Perhaps Canadians will find out– once it is too late to reverse the process.

And the justification for Letts’ importation to our nation is? His father is Canadian. Bang zoom– the ISIS terrorist transitions to Canada’s problem.

Justin Trudeau on Islamic terrorism:

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  1. Sonny Bono,

    Sorry but you misunderstand my post. I suggested the Jihadi Jack terrorist be the one to get the .556 between his jerk face eyes. As for the PM, we likely have to settle for him resigning or losing the next election. Of course I’d prefer him being arrested and charged with various crimes against Canada, her citizenry and even against humanity.