I dare say this one interview had more unscripted questions for her than she’s ever faced in her entire life.

by Ezra Levant

Rebel News

January 21, 2023

All week we’ve been in Davos, Switzerland, penetrating the world’s most secretive organization, the World Economic Forum.

There are a lot of VVIP’s here — Very Very Important People — from billionaires to oligarchs to heads of state.

But the boss of them all is a child actor named Greta Thunberg.

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  1. She’s a high school drop out. Why would any sane person care for whatever the Hell this dumb bitch says? She is ignorant, not too bright and a Commie fool with sick Commie, dumb ass parents.

    I can’t believe people fall for her grifting and her hypocrisy.