Dr. Ellen Wiebe is a Vancouver doctor once accused of wrongdoing in a probe into assisted death at a Jewish nursing home in 2019.

by Brad Salzberg


January 20, 2023

Dr. Ellen Wiebe is a Vancouver doctor once accused of wrongdoing in a probe into assisted death at a Jewish nursing home in 2019.

According to the Daily Mail in the U.K., Dr. Wiebe has “boasted in a seminar for physicians working in assisted suicide about the time she treated a patient who did not qualify for the end of life service.”

Wiebe is one proud woman. Indeed, the more Canadians that get “put down,” the happier some physicians are. Another mass assisted dying advocate can be found in the form of Dr. Stephanie Green.

A colleague of Dr. Wiebe, Green revealed that “she’s helped 300 people die in Canada’s controversial MAID program, which eclipses similar programs in the US.” 

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  1. There is so much evil in Canada. I never really realized how bad it truly was until the Scamdemic.
    When the Nuremberg 2.0 trials begin I expect the numbers charged will be extremely high perhaps even as high as 25%. Those that will be visibly gone will Politicians, Doctors, Nurses and other medical personnel, along with entertainers, the media, be it tv, radio or print. If you didn’t stand against the tyranny, than you are part of the problem and will be tried, convicted and sentenced.
    There are charges will be vast, from Treason, Crimes against Children and Humanity, and Murder. Most of all Crimes Against God. We are in a war of God Against Lucifer. God gave Satan his chance to destroy the world, and although he has worked at is valiantly he has not completely succeeded. God is now taking the world back, he is using his faithful to fight the good fight and to destroy the dark of evil. God Always Wins, so, Lucifer and his demons must fall.

  2. RLynn,

    We can only hope these evil and degenerate people are put on trial and found guilty of such terrible crimes. Starting of course with degenerate, pinko commie, PM Trudeau.

    Canadians almost always have a knack of electing, sub par PM’s or worse. Very few of our PM’s in our history are full of greatness and even love of country, at least since the 1960’s. Our knack of electing such sub par PM’s is disconcerting at best. But since I have now held a long belief that outside our snide anti- Americanism, that we collectively seem to suffer clinical inferiority complex as a nation. Electing sub par PM’s is our way of punishing our society all the while being able to look away from the threat that our society often willfully elects sub par to God awful PM’s.

    Americans have and can elect terrible President at times, but once in a while they will get it right and find diamond in the rough so to speak and elect a President although flawed that is the right one for the times. The current dementia-in-Cheif of course would be EXCLUDED from such a list.

    • I believe the reason we are stuck with sub-par leadership is because Canada is not a country. Canada is a commonwealth and nothing more. We should be a Republic. The royals have ruled the roost here forever, hence the Governor & Lieutenant Generals the monarchies watchmen. Although the Americans thought they were a free country they are learning otherwise, that the monarchy has never actually let go the US. The three parts of the Cabal Vatican=religious (satanic), London= Financial and Washington,DC = military. These are foreign lands in the midst of the country in which they are set. Ottawa is no better.

  3. We need to pray without ceasing like Job. Never stop and trust God . If my people will put on sack cloth and ashes and fall to their knees and pray. Then will I heal their land. Amen