Brilliant Speech by Konstantin Kisin at the Oxford Union.
“This House Believes Woke Culture Has Gone Too Far”.

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  1. If you claim to be a Progressive, a Socialist, a Communist of the various Marxist ideals and you refuse to escape this mentality, your brain will become damaged by such. Socialism and Communism by ideal will corrupt your moral mind and will damage your critical thinking mind if you do not pull away from this evil and hopelessly flawed idealism.

    ie: If you think Che Guevara was a hero then you are brain damaged. He was a pathetic man who said himself that he executed at least 1,500 people. When this sick pervert was cornered by the Bolivian army he cowardly took his own life. HERO! I THINK NOT! Anyone who thinks so and worse wears a Che Guevara t-shirt is an ignorant fool and likely brain damaged.

  2. BTW, it’s correct about brain damage. Studies have found that long held and hard core liberals, socialists and leftists in general find to have stunted or smaller amygdalas. This is a core part of one’s critical thinking area of the brain.

    Not sure what can cure this, but pushing back against your leftist ideals and working at exercising your critical thinking skills may help I guess. Learning to accept freedom of speech, freedom thoughts and defending these may help those who suffer from this problem.