Bill C-4 then steps in to punish anyone who dares to advertise or provide counsel to a person, including minors, to accept his or her biological reality (being biologically male or female), even if that person is your own child. The punishment includes two to five years in prison!

In response the church is rising up!! January 15th, 2023 is the second annual Biblical Sexuality Sunday after the passing of Bill C-4. 

Action4Canada is joining Christian leaders from all across North America to encourage faithful pastors and priests to be the voice of truth and courage. We are asking them to bring from their pulpits a faithful and relevant message on Biblical sexuality and gender. Thousands of pastors and priests will be participating, and we would like to see many more take part.

Call to Action: Please forward this information to your pastor and church leaders and request they participate!



  1. 1: If an adult who currently is in living the homosexual lifestyle and wishes to turn to get some form of mental and/or spiritual health aid to stop the homosexual lifestyle and to possibly re0engage in the natural (ie. 96%+ population who do so) heterosexual lifestyle, THEN WHO THE HELL IS ANYONE IN GOVERNMENT, ITS BUREAUCRACY OR IN LIFE TO TELL THEM THAT THEY CAN’T!?

    2: If it’s a minor who is practicing sexual activities (they should be very wary (morally) of doing so, be it heterosexual or homosexual anyways), in this case homosexual activities then the PARENTS or LEGAL GUARDIANS have 100% the right to get their minor age children any suitable mental and/or spiritual healthcare they can in order have their children to stop the practise of homosexuality…. FFS! it’s still their underaged children and these parents have the responsibility and right to oversee how these kids act sexually, among many other things.

    Once these kids age to 18+ then it’s their choice to live in this sexual sin or not.

    You LGBT activists and you virtue signalling ahole politicians MIND YOUR OWN F*&KING BUSINESS!

    • Unfortunately Les, That is not the way the government sees it. The moment your child was born, (you too actually) and you sign the papers for a birth certificate they are seen as being the property of the government, and they can do anything they want. Your name being written in All Capitals indicates the gov’ts ownership.
      To find out more about all of this go to
      This is all about the Natural or Common Law versus the marine law of the courts. Marine law is for corporations. Natural/Common Law is for the individual man or woman. It is Legal versus Lawful. We must all learn what we need to, to be able to defend ourselves and what belongs to us.