Disability and mental health groups are advocating against Canada’s MAID regime, posting signs assurring patients that they will not recommend them for assisted suicide.

by Brad Salzberg


January 15, 2023

“A growing coalition of disability and mental health groups have begun openly advocating against Canada’s liberalized MAID (medical assistance in dying) regime, including posting signs assuring patients that they will not recommend them for assisted suicide.”

What a wonderful world that finds a western democracy like Canada in this ominous condition. Are Canadians understanding this situation correctly?

Of course not. It is with pre-meditated intent that PM Justin Trudeau has paid-off media to reflect the will of government, as opposed to the general public.

Hats off to National Post for bringing this situation to light in the first place. Still, it falls short of elucidating the true circumstances:

In 2023, segments of Canadian society are living in fear that the “sunny ways” Liberal government of Justin Trudeau has dark clouds on the horizon for physically and mentally-challenged Canadians.

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  1. Well it’s a start. We need morals and ethics to return to our medical/ health community and professions.

    But not only VOTING OUT our perverted and demented Trudeau and his Liberals, but push back against this nonsense of the MAID program. One can better understand using an ethical way to help those dying of terminal illness and such a less painful way out as they near the end of their life. OK, fine we can have sound discussions on this. But MAID for anything else is a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY!

    But we must now pushback another degenerate and immoral activity pushed by governments and their bureaucrats as well as the medical profession and that is transgender therapy on minors. We must stop governments from forcing parents to accept their minor age kids saying they want to change their gender. NO DAMNED GOVERNMENTS AND THEIR CORRUPTED BUREAUCRACIES SHOULD HAVE SUCH POWER OVER PARENTS AND THEIR MINOR AGE KIDS!

    No to puberty blockers as they are NOT reversible or safe. No to cross hormones on children and no to sex changing surgeries on children. THIS IS VILE AND CRIMINAL BEHAVIOUR AND ALL MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS WHO DO THIS TO MINOR AGE YOUTH MUST BE CHARGED, TRIED AND CONVICTED TO LONG PRISON SENTENCES!!!

    What a person does once they are 18+ is a different argument. Even at that we must get back to what the mental health doctors did to help over 18 deal with trans-sexualism and treatments. It use to be 2 years of mental health therapy as they transitioned to other other sex before any surgeries. We must no longer allow the growing demented health professions treat the mental illness of gender dysphoria in such a flippant way that it does now.