Courtesy of Western Standard

by Reid Small

Western Standard

January 14, 2023

The City of Prince George suspended its mandatory COVID-19 vaccine policy for city workers Friday, two days before they would have been terminated.

Unvaccinated city workers will return to work Monday for the first time in a year.

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  1. Oh how nice, 2+ years of this crap and effing up many innocent peoples’ lives with likely unconstitutional and criminal medical tyranny in these nota-vaccine jabs that do jack squat in fighting the victrola infection… How you all must be proud…. Proud of your cult like adherence to tyranny. Dr. Mengele and the rest of the Nazis would be so proud you you all.

  2. Now, the unvaccinated workers should keep track of how many times they have to do the work of the vaccinated because they are sick. Then, they should be demanding double pay for doing double duty.

    I wonder how long the rest of the province will catch up? If Henry & Eby have any say about it, it will never happen. Time for the Nuremberg Trials to begin. First up, Bonnie Henry, followed closely by Eby, Horgan and Dix, then the rest of the MLA’s, as well as all those in similar positions across Canada, in ALL levels of government. This will include medical personnel that pushed the Clot Shot.

    But, I was just doing my job!! Not a good enough reason. You know right from wrong, and you know you were doing wrong from the very beginning.
    Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming!! Nothing.