PM Justin Trudeau is using immigration policy to transfer all 338 federal ridings to his party, thereby establishing a Liberal Dictatorship.

by Brad Salzberg 

January 14, 2023

‘The Political Impact of Increased Diversity: What the Census Shows’

A new report from the National Opinion Centre has delivered a rarity among immigration-related communications in Canada. Among other vital statistics related to Canadian demography, the following statement speaks to the impact of immigration intake in Canada:

“The number of ridings in which visible minorities form a majority of the population has increased from one in ten (33) in 2011 to close to one in six (51), reflecting high and increasing levels of immigration.”

CAP immediately pick up on a salient fact: while the report details exponential growth in “racialized” citizenship, it remains devoid of a critical truism: the impact of our Liberal government’s immigration policy on Anglo-European communities of Canada.

Simply put, it’s like we don’t exist. Perhaps, one day, the concept will come to fruition. It well appears that no matter what transpires within the world of Canadian demography, government and media are loathe to reference our rapidly shrinking Anglophone communities.

How did it come to be that silence regarding Anglo-European Canadians became the law of the land? Why have these communities transitioned to a silent majority? Government won’t speak of us. Media certainly won’t, nor will the so-called “experts” in our academic institutions.

We hear plenty from our controlling institutions about racism against minority communities. Absurdist terminology such as a “majority minority” federal riding is today a social standard. “Islamophobia” colours the content of press presentation on a daily basis. Sikhism, Chinese LGBT, transgender– all are infused within the vernacular of the day.

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