The Liberals and establishment media are conspiring to remove Premier Danielle Smith, and instal Liberal-puppet Rachel Notley as Alberta Premier.


The origin of the phrase “death by a thousand cuts” is found in an ancient practice called “lingchi,” a form of execution used in Imperial China, involving the slicing of the convicted criminal’s flesh until death ensued.

While not as macabre as its original purpose, a similar dynamic exists in the Liberal government’s war on conservative politics in the province of Alberta. In this case, a systematic series of jabs from a sharpened blade are being delivered by Canadian media toward current Alberta Premier Danielle Smith.

CBC, Globe & Mail, Toronto Star, CTV, Global News. Between the lot of them, the paid-off Liberal media puppets are waging a war against Premier Smith and her United Conservative Party.

The attack isn’t even subtle. It’s an all-out assault designed for a singular purpose: to remove Danielle Smith, and replace her with former NDP Alberta Premier Rachel Notley.

It doesn’t matter that Ms. Notley is a political dinosaur. Her tedious ranting in promotion of PM Justin Trudeau’s “Just Transition” energy program(sorry snowflakes– it’s not a paean to transgenderism-for-youth) is just what the woke doctor ordered.

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