by Drea Humphries

Rebel News

January 9, 2923

The political, medical, and educational establishments are selling young, vulnerable, and impressionable children and their parents a dangerous lie.

I recently interviewed Chloe Cole, a leading activist rallying against the mainstream adoption of “gender-affirming care” pushed on young gender-questioning children and teens.

As a young girl, Chloe fell into the trap of believing her mental health issues and personal insecurities could all be alleviated by becoming a boy. The narrative on social and mainstream media only reinforced that belief.

Her doctors agreed that the only way to help her was by medically transitioning her gender — at 13, she was prescribed puberty blockers and testosterone. At 15, she had her breasts severed via a double mastectomy. 

At 16, she realized she had made a mistake and began the difficult process to detransition in hopes of undoing the damage.

Chloe told me all about her harrowing experience and what she’s doing to help others avoid going down the same self-destructive path.



  1. There are a number of factors which this disgusting garbage that makes me either want to become ill to point of losing the delicious, homemade meals I work hard to prepare or become so overloaded with rage I want to smash something (And I cannot even blame processed peanut butter with the toxic levels of cadmium in it).

    First off, the concept of ‘transition’ is pure and utter nonsense. Your ‘gender’, as in being male or female is embedded right into your chromosome structure. That cannot be altered. You are one or another and using a pseudo dictionary or other words doesn’t change this. Whatever you are born as you are stuck with until the day you die, so not to sound too cold, but deal with it. Mutilating your bodies, slicing them open to take parts out, opening holes in them that smell like something died, taking artificial chemical hormone crap (with detailed side effects, long-term health issues) only shows an emphasis and interest in self-torture. There is nothing to fix your basic biological makeup, plain and simple. The proper help they need is acceptance for what they really are, not what others ‘claim’ they can become, which is nothing but a giant lie.

    And what happens then? Let’s say they go through this procedure. Do they really think this fixes all their problems? Not at all. Look at statistics. Large numbers of them still end up either suiciding themselves (or at least try to), wasting endless amount of hospital time that could be put towards more important surgeries that can be saving people’s lives, dumping unwanted chemicals into public water systems to others can be screwed with in the process… People typically tend to avoid them for a reason; this is simply not a proper or normal behaviour, biological or otherwise.

    And pushing them through this promotes an issue that could easily be some passing phase into total mental illness, because this is doing the wrong thing. Treating everyone that disagrees with this state of mental issues like a total s-bomb does not make them a better person and only shows their narrow-mindedness; practice what you preach huh? Oh no, not with transverse hypocricy. Them sell themselves as being whiny, excessively needy and way too high-maintenance for anyone with an normal operating system between their ears to want to be near. Is it any wonder this sort of group gets shunned and steer cleared from?

    This ‘help’ the so-called experts offer is beyond disgusting. They are obsessed over getting them while the youth are still young an impressionable. These adults are supposed to be trusted to do the right thing and guide them in the right direction. They are not doing this. They are serving an agenda and likely they see some sort of incentive along the way, whether it’s money, some sort of perverse pleasure to steering a kid to do the worst thing possible. This is totally consistent with a predator behaviour. It used to be that child predators were treated with the full extent of the law. Now they get to be drug and mutilation pushers with no consequences.

    I am not mad at Chloe for what happened. I am mad at those who profit from this. I am mad at those who push the depopulation through destroying our children in such a way to create monsters that become impossible to get along with. I view Chloe as a victim, plain and simple. The real help that was needed wasn’t there, and frankly, it shouldn’t have been difficult to help Chloe with a little bit of identity confusion. Chloe was fed propaganda, agenda-based crap, lies and delusions and ended being a victim that had to go through unnecessary pain, bodily destruction and harm that can never be taken back. And what did it accomplish, besides creating a world of problems? Not a damn thing. Total waste of resources, Chloe’s life, just so they have one more neutered casualty. People like Chloe want to see this doesn’t happen to anyone because Chloe knows this is agenda-driven garbage. It is sad that it shouldn’t have come to this in the first place.

    Now from where I stand, I view this as part of the depopulation agenda; forced sterilization of children through coercion into degeneracy. One aspect of many because a few elitist f-bombs who never work a minute in their miserable existences (becoming quite trendy for me to say that) because they want to get that population down to half a billion in 7 years time (while controlling the rest). I also view this are part of degeneracy from the 1920s that resulted in mass book burnings in the 1930s, another part of history that was carefully re-written to make it seem like something else was going on: They were not burning books about history, they were burning books of degeneracy, all created by a certain group. Now, 100 years late, we seem that same act happening all over again.

  2. When I entered my adult life I fell into the liberal, social progressive ideology. I felt that it answered many questions (I see now that it did not!). I drank much of the Koolaid as like homosexuality was a born in trait, transsexualism was a born in trait, Pedophilia was born on trait and so on. But time and a greater understanding of the human condition and as such a desire to coming back to Christian faith, a faith I fell out from once I left adolescence and into adult life, I saw how ALL of this progressive belief was basically incorrect.

    There is no such thing as transgenderism in children. Children have imaginations and minds like dry sponges and can also be easily led or manipulated into incorrect thoughts and feelings. Humans unlike most if not all animals are not just instinctive sexual beings. God made us to enjoy the act of sexuality. The natural course of human sexuality is male and female, the general goal to procreate, but since we are given free will we can also use sexual desires and attractions outside of just sex to procreate.

    It is a given that most, oh 96%+ of adult humans express a natural desire for heterosexual sex. The 3-4% of those who claim to be homosexual are not born this way, but give into the sexual lust of homosexuality. Just as most adults do not practice pedophilia, beastility or adultery/bigamy/polygamy, it’s only a minority percentage who do. Why? again because we have free will and a God given enjoyment factor as to sex. Immorality especially sexual and the fact that not just Christian faith but many other faiths endeavour to guide society to being more sexually moral is what was to help temper us from the LUST factor of human sex and sexuality.

    Societies that fall out of faith and its associated morals while delving into the ideas of “DO WHAT YOU WANT!” BTW that phrase is one that comes also from Satan’s mouth, are societies that if UNCORRECTED will all fail, all fall and ultimately lead to their destruction. History has shown us this in our past.

    So as to homosexuality it is a sin of lust, just adultery is, just as pedophilia is, just as beastility is and other lustful sins. It’s not a surprise that our western world as we fall away from long time Christian based morals and into liberal, leftist, Marxist ideas that we then see immoral acts being normalized, and even CHAMPIONED! sadly also by many FALLEN CHURCHES TOO! 🙁

    Abortion is one and all these sexual immoralities as noted above become normalized and as such our society becomes desensitized and blinded, all the ideals of Satan himself.

    This is why we see the gross push of transgenderism in notably our under age youth in recent years. It’s one thing for an ADULT to give into transsexualism/transgenderism as you make your bed, you sleep in it as adults do. But the perversions of the activists, governments and medical/health community to push transgenderism on our youth is a vile sin and one that God will not take kindly too.

    Look, as to children, they have active imaginations and a desire to want to fit in with their peers, but more so feel they must please their parents, NOTABLY MOTHERS, SINGLE MOTHERS ESPECIALLY! If the child’s mother is morally fallen and or perverted of mind she will likely impose such onto her children. ABSENT FATHERS ONLY POUR MORE GAS ONTO THIS FIRE!

    It’s not totally uncommon for boys to express some level of thoughts/feelings and desires to crossdress. It will not by just doing so make them be gay or into transsexuals. Again kids have imaginations and mind like dry sponges to soak up new experiences. Most boys who crossdress grow out of it by puberty, some may carry on such thoughts and desires into adult life. It is noted that over 96% of all adult males who crossdress in some way that they are living practicing heterosexual desires. It is also noted that between 3-6% of adult males have done, or do crossdress, again most of these males outside of their crossdressing are rather normal, mundane living males with of normal heterosexual relations.

    DRAG QUEENS are not just crossdressers, they are almost always practising homosexuals with effeminate traits but do DRAG to typically make satire and mock actual women. But in recent years due to our failing morales they seem to be moving onto children often sexual or in other perverted ways.

    As to girls, it has always been easier for girls who are not overly feminine in growing up to just be the TOMBOY like girls they are. Boys were called sissies, nancy boys etc. if they showed any overt femininity and notably crossdressed in front of others. Girls did not and do not have such derision tossed at them. Many Tomboys once in puberty grow into their feminine roles. So why in recent years do we see more female to male transgenderism? We until recent times saw more male to female transgenderism.

    I lay the thoughts to more FTM as a result that girls suffer more peer pressure in adolescence than boys do (boys suffer more at the hands of their immoral or perverted mothers and often of lack of a father figure) the girls suffer more body image issues (factoring due to poor diets and a more sedentary life, more obesity today) and the push to accept homosexuality as a norm (it’s not) leads more of these girls to explore lesbianism that was not as common decades ago.

    SOCIAL MEDIA GREATLY WITH IT’S PREPONDERANCE OF GARBAGE AND BULLSHIT! also affects adolescent youth more and more so the girls.

    All this for girls may lead some to explore FTM transgenderism. The alphabet lobby/activists all feed on this and as such the growing perversion of our health community, mental health first, but pharmaceutical and surgical health community are feeding off this as they all makes hundreds of millions or billions of dollars off this exploitation of mentally confused people and including the youth. Our growingly immoral and/or stupid politicians in government jump on board to vye for votes/brownie points with the alphabet mafia and also likely get kick backs.

    The rest of us mostly sit blind to it all or refuse to accept the progressive, socialist and as such perverted ideology pushed onto us. Thus our society continues to crumble, people both adult and youth are often broken, misled, lied to and perverted by wilful wants of Satan through his demons and useful human stooges.


    Stop all transgenderism pharmaceutical and surgical act upon ANY youth under the age of 18. Adults take responsibility for the actions and as such if they fall into the transgender ideas, then it’s their issue to deal with. LEAVE SEXUALITY NOTABLY HOMOSEXUALITY AND TRANSGENDER IDEALISM AWAY FROM THE KIDS!