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CTV News Edmonton reporter Jessica Robb said she experienced a personal, vulnerable moment while she was doing a live broadcast but is now just fine.

“Since then, it has been shared thousands of times, along with baseless theories about the cause,” said Robb in a Monday statement.

Yesterday’s report below…

CTV Edmonton reporter Jessica Robb while doing a live cut in for CFRN, the CTV outlet in the capital city, she was obviously have health issues.. At this point in time, Robb’s condition is not available





  1. While it’s unfortunate for someone’s health to be affected in such a negative way, this is also turning into quite the comedy courtesy of the execs performing their mental gymnastics while practicing their ABJ (Anything But the Jabs) rightthink. Pushing anyone trying to analyze gets dismissed as ‘baseless theories’ without even trying to offer an explanation as to what happened literally opens this up for the very thing they want to suppress. The cause of this is an easy guess, because this is happening all over the world; she is far from the first instance of this ever happening on any form of video, Canada included. The easy question to ask is, “This didn’t happen all over the world 2 years prior in such a scale. What changed?” Anyone paying attention (or haven’t been reprogrammed into thinking otherwise) will tell you it’s the poison jab.

    In response to this, both Rogers and Bell are now pushing to make this toxic concoction mandatory so they can have even more of these incidents take place (though I wouldn’t be surprised if from now on this sort of stuff is now pre-recorded to edit this inconvenient stuff out).