Maxime Bernier is the founder of the People’s Party of Canada (PPC). Max was kind enough to join me in conversation to talk about a number of Canadian issues




  1. The willful sabotage of our economy of constant wars in our backyard exists to make the rich, elistist f-bombs who never work a minute in their miserable existence even more rich, re-defining the very meaning of ‘gluttony’. They’ve been doing this centuries, now, and lying to everyone about which group is ‘really’ behind all this. Why change this practice? After all, it makes em rich, and destroys societies along the way, preventing groups from ever rising up to deal with them.

    In an unrelated comment, unfortunately, Bernier dropped the ball in a tweet regarding the poison shots when he said that no one under 70 should be taking it. Considering they faked, manipulated and lied about the various testing that did and did not happen to push this garbage into us, this stuff isn’t safe for anyone, of all ages.