JUST HAPPENED! Elon Musk EXPOSED Justin Trudeau’s Corruption!




  1. Yeah, just skip that part at 1:45. Couldn’t even watch the parts with them forcefully shoving this stuff in the children, knowing it’ll kill them in the coming near future. I had to wince and look away; it was that heart-breaking.

    Couldn’t help but laugh out loud at the ‘government-approved’ material, implying a level of censorship consistent with a dictatorship.

    The politician they quoted around 6:40 failed to call taking your marching orders from a foreign source what it is: TREASON. This is mainly why our entire political system is useless. No one calls a spade a spade, anymore. I have yet to see Bernier refer to any of these political hacks as traitors, either. Why is that?

    Overall, the video is little more than a hackjob to promote Musk as something he’s not. He’s a little twat that has been fed the federal funding spoon for too long and none of his claimed ventures have ever generated anything resembling an actual profit. Between, that and the number of pieces of information they got wrong (including the title of the video), I question the value of this video.

    Well, now is a good time to invest in VPNs and proxys to ensure you still have a means to access the truth, which is anything our dictatorship is not saying. This is going to pass and it’s going to be worse than anything we’ve been told because they know they are badly losing the information war. Global is on the literal verge of shutdown and depends exclusively on taxpayer funds to stay in business. CBC can’t function without taxpayer funds either. Nobody like a wokester and nobody likes a lair and they are paying the price for it. (Well, really we’re paying the price for it since us, the unrepresented, are being forced to cover this madness).

    Now, keep in mind, this year the WEF has already told their colonials they want pedophilia normalized, so watch that get shoved down our throats, too.