“With Quebec and GTA 3rd World voters in the Liberal’s pocket, the election is over by the time the vote count reaches Manitoba.”
by Brad Salzberg


January 4, 2023

“Justin Trudeau and Francois-Philippe Champagne: Not so strange bed-fellows.”

Within the world of media, the advent of a new year generally delivers a plethora of political predictions. Despite the “locked-in” feel of PM Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government, journalists in Canada are following suit.

“Justin Trudeau: Will he? Won’t he? Quit, that is. I predict: no, for a myriad of and multiple reasons. One, he’d win again if an election was held now: his Liberal voters are found in places where there’s way more seats, and they have shown their willingness to overlook his serial scandals.”

So states political pundit Warren Kinsella in an article published this week in the Ottawa Sun.

Upon which CAP break down the scenario. Liberal voters are found in places where there are “way more seats.”

Without stating why this is the case, news consumers are relieved from drawing the proper conclusion. The way more seats are found in the Greater Toronto Area(GTA), where for decades the Liberals have been developing a poorly understood plan.

Mass immigration from Asia, Middle East and Africa have led to a host of ridings in which “racialized” Canadians can win the day for Liberal MP’s. To maximize success, Liberal backroom schemers came up with a doozy: “we will match the riding with MP candidates who derive from the same ethnicity as the majority ‘minority’ residents.”

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