by Political Moonshine

January 4, 2023

Let’s get right to the crux of one of the worst sporting tragedies in recent memory and especially so given the context of a highly anticipated Monday night NFL game, which is averaging 14.8 million viewers in 2022: If Damar Hamlin were NOT vaccinated/boosted for COVID-19, it would be plastered all over every newscast and newspaper in America. But that is NOT not the case. What does that tell us? It says that what they’re not saying speaks volumes.

I was reminded of this by longtime Moonshine contributor, Wall St., who sent me this message in-part: “I learned from listening to lying management CEOs/CFOs. If they don’t even address the elephant in the room then the elephant is far bigger than you think and most of the other people in the room won’t ever figure out there even is an elephant until after they’ve lost their money.”

I’ve seen a bunch of Damar Hamlin coverage and my first concern goes to him and his family as do my prayers, but the elephant in this room is not only being completely ignored, they’re trying to throw a rug over the top of it as if no one will see. That’s absurd.

Perhaps most concerning and to my point is that federal authorities have converged on Hamlin’s hospital. Narrative and unavoidable fall-out control is important and those feds have a job to do. That’s sinister.

Importantly, I’m not a physician but I’m uniquely qualified to write this article for several reasons.

For one, I spent five years of my professional career investigating fraud and other cases such as injury, significant injury and death for law firms and insurance companies. That work is deeply enmeshed in parsing out every granular aspect of the medical side of cases including copious reading and comprehension of medical documentation along with consultation with physicians and other medical professionals. In that work, I made sole determinations of liability and attribution that paralleled my advisement to those law firms and insurance companies for how those cases should be decided and handled.

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