2nd Smartest Guy in the World 

January 3, 2023

The slow kill bioweapon injections are wreaking such death and destruction that it is finally becoming impossible to ignore. Just as predicted in the Event 201 pandemic exercise, Japan was projected to be one of the first nations to reject a hypothetical vaccine due to their high societal IQ.

All things COVID-19 and “pandemic” are proceeding exactly according to plan, with Japan launching a landmark investigation into the eugenics DEATHVAX™; to wit:


by Sean Adl-Tabatabai

Japan has launched an official investigation into the unprecedented numbers of people dying after receiving the Covid-19 vaccination.

According to reports, Japanese researchers have been instructed to investigate the mechanisms by which experimental mRNA jabs could be causing deaths and severe adverse reactions.

Hiroshima University School of Medicine Prof. Masataka Nagao highlighted how the bodies of vaccinated persons he performed autopsies on were abnormally warm, with upwards of 100 degree F body temperatures.

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