Athletes suddenly collapsing is not normal…but it’s becoming way too common ever since Pfizer pushed out their rounds of bioweapon death-jabs. Damar Hamlin was another victim of these jabs, but he wasn’t the first, and he certainly won’t be the last.

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California is a tyrant state!

Expert Dr. Richard Amerling joins to detail how California is choking out the truthful doctors by ripping away their licenses!

California is targeting children to get vaccinated, while destroying the practices of dissident doctors!
After being out for just under a month and a half, Died Suddenly has been viewed more than seventeen million times on Rumble and on Twitter. It’s been a huge success and has massively increased awareness about the shots and the impact they’re having on millions of people.

But the single most important event in the entire debate over the Covid shots and their impact on young people may have just happened on Monday night, live on television, with more than ten million people watching.

Schools are indoctrination camps!
Shawn McBreairty joins to expose how Amber Lavigne’s daughter was groomed and transitioned at school!
Shawn details how the Maine school hid the grooming from Lavigne, and how they continue to ignore her grievances!