by The Honourable A. Brian Peckford


January 4, 2023

What is this country coming to?

A man who is a household name across the Globe.

A person who stands for common sense and writes books detailing that .

Oh! And he was raised in a democratic country where expressing your views , exercising free speech , was a given.

And now the silly so called professional association of Ontario wants to try and destroy him. They tried  before .  Didn’t work out well for them, then,  and it will not now !

Now some jealous , attention seeking individuals contact this professional organization and seek his professional scalp because a doctor of psychology expresses his views.

And the incompetent, wok soaking , professional association has nothing better to do than pursue petty word play accusations laid against an honourable man who has the gall to speak truth and boldly express that in public.

The Administrative State expressed through professional organizations and universities are a big part of what is killing democratic Canada. The political leaders are doing their part either openly or lacking  the courage to really do anything. And the police and judiciary seem in overkill mode with Tamara Lich and this past few days with John Carpay of the Justice Centre For Constitutional Freedoms.

Witness Dr. Charles Hoffe, Dr. Stephen Malthouse , Dr Francis Christian and Dr. Byram Bridle, Daniel Bulford  , and Tom Marazzo. All targeted .

The people must speak, it’s  the only answer to saving our democracy !

If they do not and fall back into their decades long slumber the state will win , the people will lose and democracy will die.

Here is The Daily Wire story on the issue:




  1. God in all of his mighty power would not prevent Satan from exercising his free will and yes free expression. Yes, God did banish Satan and the host of other fallen angels from of Heaven, but God did not try to stop Satan from his free will and free expression. Just as God did not want us as humans to not have free will.

    But increasingly politicized organizations and government agencies are now acting even above the values of God in trying to censor and control peoples’ rights of free speech, free expression and free will. They are exposing their evilness. WE MUST NOT FORGET THIS!

    There are laws in the land that allow others to petitioning or suing those who they believe have libelled defamed or slandered others. Dr. Peterson has no cause to face this apparent thought crimes Kangaroo court as being threatened on him. If any person in the public feels he has been libelled, defamed or slandered, then THEY HAVE A LEGAL SYSTEM TO FOLLOW!

    This organization that is threatening Dr. Peterson are exposed as fools and likely strong hypocrites themselves for I’m certain many of their own social/political opinions would have as they say ‘hurt’ or
    ‘offended’ others.