by The Honourable A. Brian Peckford


January 2, 2022

The book ‘Turtles  All The Way Down ‘ edited by Zoey O’ Toole and Mary Holland of which you no doubt are already tired of hearing about from me, does a wonderful analysis of this.

  1. In 2005 journalistic Dan Olmsted did a review of the incidence of autism in Amish children in Lancaster county Pennsylvania . He found that there was a lower incidence  of autism among them than in the regular population . He theorized this lower incidence was the result of lower vaccination rates given the Amish did not adhere to the use of vaccines. Although this review was published far and wide no one ever followed up with a detailed scientifically based study to validate or invalidate Mr. Olmsted’s findings. What an opportunity for the CDC or other research institutions to find out the facts.
  2. The Homefirst clinic in Chicago operated by Dr. Mayer Eisenstein , indicated that ‘They don’t know of a single case of autism , they said, among the thousands of unvaccinated children they’d had under their care over more than 30 years of practice.’ Once again the information was known but no one followed up to test the validity of the clinic’s claim .
  3. In Israel at the Ruppin Academic Center a study on Ethiopian children in Israel but who were born in Ethiopia compared with other Ethiopian children who were born in Israel . The incidence of autism was higher among those children who were born in Israel versus those children born in Ethiopia . And it is known that Ethiopian born children had fewer vaccines , if any , than Israeli born children whose parents were Ethiopian. This study has not be referenced by any US agency or any funding provided to test the results of it.
  4. Another incident where children of Somali descent born in the US, Minnesota state, had high incidence of autism . In Somali autism is unknown and their language does not even have a word for it. No follow up by anyone.
  5. Three attempts to pass laws in the US Congress to study the vaccinated and unvaccinated for the incidence of autism—2007, 2013 and 2017 have all failed to get passed, not even get to the first phase of the legislative process.  The Congress representatives involved were Caroline Maloney and Dave Weldon in 2007 and Bill Posey involved in 2013 and 2017.

What’s going on?

No one it seems wants to even do a VU ( vaccinated vs unvaccinated ) study to test these very disturbing findings. None have been done to this day. Yet the incidence of autism diagnosed in children today is much higher than in earlier times. And there are more vaccines now.

Pages 209 , 210 and 211 in the Book is where you will find detail of the above incidents.

The book has 1200 references that you can access free —-and there you can validate what the book is saying . Here is the link — to the 1200 studies .

Turtles All The  Way Down , Vaccine Science and Myth

Forward by Mary Holland , J. D.

Edited by Zoey O’Toole and Mary Holland