In this interview Steve Hilton from Fox News, The Next Revolution, talks to President and Pilot Josh Yoder of US Freedom Flyers, about the illegal mandated Covid-19 shots. He said: “It is illegal to mandate an emergency use authorization drug, and I think this is the thing that we really need to pull the attention to. What they did was, in fact, criminal; they broke the law when they did it. And there must be accountability.”

It is really WAKE UP time folks!

This video was mirrored from Steve Hilton’s The Next Revolution Show at Fox News –

Stay pureblood like Noah did!

Thank you, God bless, Josh Yoder, Steve Hilton, Fox News, Team, Family and loved one’s!




  1. Anyone who flies today is playing Russian Roulette.
    Biden and Co should be charged with Crimes Against Humanity as actuarial reports are showing that in the US 7500 people per day -age 24-44- are dying or disabled from the jab.