by Brad Salzberg 

December 28, 2022

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is fond of labels. Two in particular serve as a common thread within rhetorical messaging delivered by Canada’s ruling Liberal government.

Touting Liberal values as “progressive” and “post-modern,” PM Trudeau remains wholly selective in his application of his so-called values.

In terms of Canadian media, one development continues to be ignored by the press: Canada’s demographic progression. Based on immigration policy, white Canadians are to transition to a minority community somewhere around the year 2038.

This should be cause for Canada’s Anglophone communities to consider their future within our ever-increasing pluralist society. The logic is basic– the greater the degree to which Anglo-Europeans work their way toward “minority” status, the greater their need for political solidarity.

Unfortunately, it is not a form of progress that our Liberal government has in mind. In reality, they are still back in the dinosaur days, when white Canadians dominated society in every way.

Times have changed, society has progressed, and Justin Trudeau wants to hear nothing about it. Endorsed by the Trudeau government, Premier Francois Legault is taking major steps to maintain and promote French-Canadian identity and culture in Quebec.

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