Nikita Khrushchev and President John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Robert Vaughan

Just Right Media

December 28, 2022

The People’s Party of Canada, led by Maxime Bernier represents the views of approximately 1.4 million Canadians yet Canada’s corporate media has refused to cover the Party’s recently released policy statement on the Russo-Ukraine conflict.

The Party’s position is the only one calling for a negotiated peace and starkly contrasts with the warmongering stance taken by all other Canadian political parties and leaders.

“…whatever you think about who the good and the bad guys are, I believe Canada should not have gotten involved in this war. We should have remained neutral and worked with our allies to help establish a peace process” Mr. Bernier said.

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  1. Ukraine is the ‘Nazi’ armpit of Europe. The nonsense that the US led west is fighting for its democracy is lunacy.

    Heir Zalensky has outlawed all opposition parties in Ukraine.
    Heir Zalensky has taken control over all media in Ukraine.
    Heir Zalensky has had 1000+ y.o. Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Priests and Nuns arrested for having critical thoughts against his dictatorship.
    Heir Zalensky is dictating to have any religious Ukrainians who dare practise faith outside of his ideals investigated and possibly arrested for such.

    For this our idiot western governments have thrown away over $100 Billion to date fighting a conflict that Ukraine invited.

    It was Ukraine who has post 2014 reneged its agreement to not attack the Russian majority in the Eastern Donbas region. The agreement allowed more semi-autonomy in this region, but Kiev has waged war on this region’s Russian majority killing tens of thousands since 2014.

    Putin who is no Saint but has a working brain sees how Ukraine is just a puppet of the corrupted EU/USA led cabal and a Nazi armpit of Europe and is terrorizing and ethnic cleansing Russian ethnics in the Donbas region. How long was he going to sit by?

    Back in April 2022 Heir Zalensky was going to work out a cease fire and renew a treaty with Putin and the Donbas area Russians when all of the sudden ASSHOLE, BORIS JOHNSON told him not to and that the USA/EU/NATO will fund their conflict with Russia. Over $100 Billion later here we are.

    I see ignorant people flying Ukraine flags in Canada. I am more surprised though with how many supposed untrusting of big ‘liberal’ governments and their cabal, conservative people in Canada, the USA and other western nations SUPPORT OUR GROSS INVOLVEMENT WITH NAZI WANABE DICTATOR ZALENSKY IN UKRAINE!