“For this country to be charged with genocide by its own government is a scandalous profanation and a blood libel against the European-descended population of Canada.”

“For this country to be charged with genocide by its own government is a scandalous profanation and a blood libel against the European-descended population of Canada.”

In June, 2021, PM Justin Trudeau stated that “he accepts the conclusion of the 2019 inquiry into missing and murdered Indigenous women that what happened amounts to genocide.”

Is Canadian historian and media mogul Conrad Black erroneous in his conclusion? CAP readers can assume we will not side with Justin Trudeau. We never have, and never will. To do so constitutes a blaspheme in our books.

Yet, a deeper question resonates from Mr. Black’s statement. It comes in the form of “to be charged with genocide by its own government.” It is this spurious statement we wish to focus on.

Can a secondary purpose exist for the national self-flagellation PM Trudeau has perpetrated on Canadian society? Within how many nations of the world do we find this form of self-deprecating government policy? Certainly not in China, Iran, or any other nations so admired by our prime minister.

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