by Elizabeth Delaney, The Western Journal

The Gateway Pundit

December 26, 2022

Some might say that David Limbaugh, Rush’s brother, got to enjoy a special privilege in life because of having Rush as an older brother.

Certainly Rush made an amazing impact on the culture and the broadcast industry.

However, David Limbaugh has plenty of his own hard work and accolades to show as a writer and expert in law and politics, with appearances on national television and radio shows, such as various FOX News programs, CNN, the Glenn Beck Radio Program and many others.

In a tribute to his brother in April of 2021, he mentioned how they were both brought up in a home in which their parents instilled into them their Christian values, according to Fox News.

Those values included a love for God, unconditional love for their family, a belief in moral absolutes in connection to truth and right and wrong; personal character and integrity; the value of human life and respect and compassion for others.

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