List of employers who were NOT required their employees to get vaccinated:
1. The White House
2. The CDC
3. The FDA
4. The WHO
5. Moderna
6. Pfizer
7. Johnson & Johnson
Elon Musk


  1. Of Coarse, Almost Same Reason Why I Didn’t Get It…If You Know What’s In It, and What It Would Do To You…
    Why Take The Jab…
    In Their Case, It Is A Further Planned Genocidal Agenda…

  2. The lunacy of any employer thinking they had the right, above any medical knowledge (they did not actually have medical knowledge) to hold an employee’s job over taking an EXPERIMENTAL jab is amazing. Any and all employers who did this should be sued for violating employee’s medical health privacy as well as any employees who suffered post jabs should also sue.

    If it’s a vaccine, which it now shows as not being so, THAN ANY PERSONS WHO CHOSE TO TAKE THE DAMN JABS ARE TO BE PROTECTED!!! Why would any of you give a crap if others freely chose not to take these jabs?