Outnumbered and ostracized, Anglo-European Canadians are to transition to a powerless minority at the hands of Justin Trudeau.

by Brad Salzberg


December 20, 2022

For Cultural Action Party of Canada, it’s nothing less than a social revolution on the scale of historical transition of nations from democracy to dictatorship.

For mainstream media in our country, it is as natural as winter snow in Yellowknife. We speak of what is so obviously the current state of Canadian society.

We acknowledge a fundamental fact. Away from the media spotlight, PM Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government processed a record-number of immigration applications in 2022.

The number stands at 4.8 million applications. In 2021, 2.5 million were processed. Although mentioned in a recent CAP article, it is worth additional emphasis:

The total amount equates with a whopping 19.2% of the current Canadian population. Seeing as media refuse to expose this, they are also off-the-hook for reporting the source nations for these migrants:

India, China, Philippines, Iran, Nigeria, South Korea, Pakistan, USA, France.

In terms of Refugee intake, the leading source nations in 2021 are

Iran, Turkey, India, Haiti, Pakistan, China, Nigeria, Iraq, Eritrea.

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  1. Sorry, Brad. They’re not out to make the whites into a minority sub-species. They’re out to exterminate them, pure and simple. MAIDs and jabs are being pushed the hardest against the whites. They shove most of the immigrants into the large cities and do everything they can to disarm the whites so they can’t defend themselves while the police are busy at their GMO Tim Hortons stuffing themselves with donuts (and turning into beach whales in the process). Government public services now prioritize anyone that is not white.

    Say what you will about Patrick King, and while I don’t agree with entire reasoning, he was right.