Josh Sigurdson reports on the mass arrests in Brazil as globalist criminal and World Economic Forum favorite Lula da Silva is certified as the new President after a clearly fraudulent election, replacing Bolsonaro.

All the while, the military continues to stand by Bolsonaro and it appears the country is on the verge of a complete revolution as mass protests continue and protesters see their bank accounts frozen over their support for the President.

At the same time, many people including indigenous leaders and pastors are being mass arrested as over 100 activists have thus far been rounded up. Militia leaders on the other hand that have opposed Bolsonaro and planned violent false flag provocateur activities at pro Bolsonaro protests have been killed by the military.
Things are getting heated just as the world pushes itself into the economic brink as BRICS looks to be the new world reserve currency system.

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  1. Gee, who can smell US involvement in this one? They will do everything in their power to prevent anyone and everyone from ever replacing their dollar as the global reserve currency system, including destroying countries. Iraq wanted to use alternate methods of payment for their oil. Sadam was killed for it and Iraq was destroyed. Libya wanted to use alternate methods of payment for their oil. Gaddafi was killed for it and that country is in even worse shape then Iraq. Yanukovych was cozying up to Russia for deals and was one step from being killed himself managed to make it into Russia and Ukraine was mostly conquered.

    Whenever something like this happens, it’s easy to smell the “FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY TM” stench hovering nearby…

  2. Yes, please.

    Brazil needs its coup.

    China needs to have its 1.4 billion oust the CCP!

    The American government “Letter” agencies all need to be investigated and many top heads of them should go to jail. Former Vice President Biden should be jailed as well.

    In my sadly growingly pathetic nation of Canada we must vote out Trudeau and have him take his Commie lover Jughead Singh with him. The we must charge and put in jail Trudeau and many other Liberals in government as well.