by Byron Christopher


December 20, 2022

This latest bombshell of an email from Steve Martini with many sustaining links to its content is sure to infuriate citizens  who naively fell for the manipulation of the U.S. intelligence agencies, the FBI and the woke mainstream liberal and conniving media colluding in perhaps the biggest voter fraud in the history of the U.S.  This type of revelation makes one wonder what’s the use of even voting since the weaponized and extreme partisan control of our “democracy” is in the hands of an untouchable criminal element.  In a word DISGUSTING!!!


From: Steve Martini
Sent: Tuesday, December 20, 2022 3:03 PM


According to internal Twitter emails released yesterday by Elon Musk, the FBI paid Twitter between $3.4 and $3.5 million in taxpayer funds under the guise of reimbursing Twitter for costs in silencing users of the social media outlet concerning dynamite evidence contained in the Hunter Biden laptop prior to the 2020 Presidential election. According to the information it appears that the man behind the payments may have been lawyer James Baker who had been Chief Counsel at the FBI before being forced out at the Bureau because of his participation in false evidence leading up to the Trump-Russia Collusion hoax. After resigning from the Bureau, Baker became Deputy General Counsel at Twitter where he continued to engage in the dissemination of false information affecting elections by labeling the correspondence on the Hunter Biden laptop as “Russian Disinformation”. (See the stories below.)


This then became the basis for Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites to shut down the accounts of users communicating online about the evidence on the Hunter Biden laptop and to adjust their computer algorithms to ensure that the laptop story would not peak as news on their social media sites. These sites are where the majority of young voters in their 20’s and 30″s get their news. According to information on the Hunter Laptop, the Biden family including Joe Biden appear to have received millions of dollars peddling influence to foreign oligarchs, many of them acting as cutouts for hostile and corrupt foreign governments including China, Russia, Ukraine and others. During part of the period that Joe Biden was involved in these activities he was serving as Vice President of the United States.

According to some critics, the Justice Department and FBI continue to harass anyone questioning the legitimacy of the 2020 Presidential election, though there now appears to be mounting evidence that there are serious questions concerning the efficacy of that election based on the now emerging Twitter evidence.

Election surveys show that had voters received truthful and accurate information concerning the Biden Family’s outside activities before the 2020 election Joe Biden would not have won the Presidency.  According to surveys of voters in battleground states where the margin between Biden and Trump was very close, within a few points, enough voters to change the outcome of the election have indicated that had they known the truth about the laptop information they would not have voted for Biden. (See Story below.)

Notwithstanding the revelations from Twitter’s internal emails showing what appears to be unlawful conduct on the part of the FBI as well as other US intelligence agencies including a letter signed by 50 current and former intelligence officials giving credence to the false “Russian disinformation” label for the Hunter laptop, all mainstream news outlets including print and broadcast continue to maintain a complete news blackout on the Twitter evidence.  Instead some of them have turned their venom on Elon Musk for his purchase of Twitter and his release of the internal emails. It is believed that many of the most prominent “journalists” at these outlets willingly participated in the dissemination of false information to voters based on their partisan Democrat bias and their personal animus toward Donald Trump. Caught up in the growing scandal these publication and broadcast outlets now have nowhere to hide other than to double down on their boycott of the truth, increase their criticism of Musk, and encourage the Justice Department and the FBI to target Musk’s other businesses and ventures in retaliation for his release of accurate and truthful information to the public. Stay tuned!



  1. This stuff makes Watergate look like child’s play. This is one of the most serious crimes in US history. Heads must roll and many must face long prison sentences.