by The Honourable A. Brian Peckford


December 19, 2022

So how are we to get change if Six Provinces are receiving equalization ! $23 .9 billion this year. 

Finance Minister Freeland  announced this record amount yesterday in the House of Commons.

It takes seven Provinces and the Federal Government to get change to the Constitution.

So do you think any of these equalization Provinces are going to be interested in taking a look at changing the formula if , as is likely , there may be some reduction to some of these Provinces ?

Let’s name them :

Prince Edward Island , New Brunswick, Nova Scotia , Manitoba, Quebec and Ontario!

Perhaps now one can see why Alberta may be a little put out!

And what do all those Provinces who DO NOT receive equalization have in common ——

They all produce ——wait for it ——Fossil Fuels ——that commodity that the Federal Government is trying to eradicate .

Quebec helped scuttle the Energy East Pipeline but they don’t mind taking Equalization through the back door,  made possible by the four ( Newfoundland and Labrador, Saskatchewan , Alberta, and British Columbia) fossil fuel producing Provinces .

Mighty (or so we are  led to believe )Ontario, will get $412. Million this year .

And when was the last time you saw an Auto Plant in Ontario being constructed without Government assistance?

And aren’t there some BIG Pharma Vaccine Producing Plants being built with Government money in Ontario and Quebec? No problem with building plants that produce vaccines that injure but but all kinds a problems with alleged fossil fuel and climate . Government of Canada on their own website boasts of bio manufacturing investments of over $1.2 billion in Ontario and Quebec.  Strange World.

Yep, we are in a heap of trouble —-what with Charter Rights and Freedoms violations by Governments breaking out everywhere  spurred on by Big Parma, Big Media , Big Tech and now

the Judiciary —-and all that being topped up with an income distribution system crying out for change but protected by the so called cozy ‘Majority.’




  1. Ah, I always love it when reality comes home and someone actually realizes it. It must be understood that I know real life is never fair. However, I never expected to have to spend my entire adult life supporting so many useless “losers”.

    I was always of the understanding that if you want to criticize something, or someone, you must be able to provide a reasonable solution to the “problem”.

    Here is a suggested solution.

    Now, if there was just some way to get rid of the whole useless cadre of domineering, psychotic and narcissistic politicians and the self-serving so called “Social Justice Warriors” (the “woke” Judiciary and the supposedly “intellectual” academics), then we, the people, could go back to living freely, working for ourselves and supporting each other without having to tolerate the unproductive freeloaders.

    Someone once asked me the question: “What is the difference between animals and humans?” The answer is: “The animals would never allow the dumbest members of the herd to lead them.”

    I wish everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a loud honk, honk.