The clues to our downfall are found in PM Trudeau’s “post-modern society” and “no core identity” claims.

by Brad Salzberg 

December 18, 2022

Is PM Justin Trudeau Relegating Anglophones To The Bottom Of Canada’s Social Order?

For mainstream media in Canada, the query is meaningless. For Cultural Action Party, it’s the most pertinent sociological question of our time.

No wonder CBC, Globe & Mail and the rest never go there. As much as possible, the concept is to be wiped from the minds of Canada’s body politic. Instead, 38 million citizens are side-tracked by our Liberal government’s “fear-factor” agenda.

Rather than focus on the future condition of Canada,  PM Trudeau has us tied in knots. Among the ropes are Covid, Climate Change, Inflation and Personal Debt.

The name of the game is subterfuge. A common propaganda technique in communist societies, our PM has brought the methodology to Canada.

“Get the public so stressed out they can’t tell the forest from the trees.”

The Nazis did this during World War II.  Establish one or more villian communities to take the public’s mind off the big picture– national seduction of an authoritarian variety. Has PM Trudeau brought this dynamic to “sunny ways” Canada?

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  1. And to top off the list of insults:

    This made me blink when I saw this, and given the increasingly authoritarian garbage I have been reading as of late, it takes a lot to make me blink at anything. White people aren’t just being relegated to the bottom. White people are on the target crosshairs for a REAL ‘final solution’ because they’re the most insistent in wanting personal freedom above all else.

    Gotta love how state-sponsored extermination is considered legal, huh?