“The Dutch government is planning to purchase and close down 3,000 farms in an effort to comply with an environmental mandate to slash emissions.”

by Brad Salzberg


December 16, 2022

“The Dutch government is planning to purchase and then close down up to 3,000 farms in an effort to comply with a European Union environmental mandate to slash emissions.”

“Curbing the environmental impact of agriculture will put farmers from the Netherlands to New Zealand out of business.”

Ditto for farmers in Canada– not that you would know it by way of Canadian media. For the benefit of the Trudeau government, CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail and the rest are obfuscating the reality of the woke war on the farming industry in Western nations.

“There is something happening in the Netherlands that has been happening for weeks, which if anything even closely resembling it were happening in Canada, especially in Ottawa, it would surely be called an ‘insurrection.’”

“There has been some reportage outside of the Netherlands, of course. But it has been strikingly muted. And it isn’t hard to see why.”

Muted is the CBC’s middle name. PM Justin Trudeau doesn’t want to give Canadian farmers any bright ideas, so his media propaganda units refrain from delivering the full spectrum of farmer rebellions in the Netherlands.

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  1. It’s more an ultimatum than a purchase in Denmark: Sell it to us or we’ll seize it, anyway. They’re not being offered an actual choice and Denmark is a major bread basket in Europe; if they stop exporting food, a lot of Europe will also suffer from this agenda-pushing. I’m more curious to see if the farmers will take a more active and serious role in all of this. The protests haven’t stopped, at all, despite the police’s continued aggression against them.

    Also, is this something Danielle Smith is anticipating will happen? Canadian farmers are already under attack (which is why there is no such thing as too soon in stocking up on various supplies to make sure you’re good for several years, now). Is this part of why she is going through the trouble she is to secure the sovereignty of Alberta? We have their act that passed and we have them already leading by example by refusing any and every gun grab order there is while assuring everyone there will be no prosecution for refusing such orders (since such matters would be handled on the provincial end).